What tools do you carry while riding ?

What tools do you carry with your while riding ? Either in a fender bag, backpack of some sort or what you leave in your tow rig back with the trailer ?

Are there some must have tools to bring with your on the trail ? a 10mm and 12mm socket ? your favorite wrench or screwdriver ? I want to put together an emergency tool kit for either the tow rig and a few things in my fender bag.

On another note when I bought my 600 in the fender bag I found some jets with the numbers 110, 110, 152 and then a little screw head thing that has 9.5 stamped on it. are these the stock jets taken out, or aftermarket ones. also what riding conditions are the above jets used for.


As far as the tools carried, it depends on the ride. If we ride the desert we carry allen wrenches, socket set, tool irons, Co2, tow strap, tape, zip ties, fuel line, wrenches, tubes, etc. If we ride the local SVRA we usually just carry qa Leatherman, allen wrench set and maybe a crescent wrench.

a gerber tool and some screw drivers if i am off road i carry common sized wrenches and some small parts like fuses.


I carry quite a bit from time to time, but it seems you never have what you need when a bike in your pack goes down, you just rig it until you can reach civilization...

ha ha

In my front fender pack I carry a front tube which can be used in either tire, tire irons, and in my moose tool fanny pack I carry tie straps, eletrical tape, motion pro chain breaker/press, motion pro folding trail tool with the appropiate sockets, screw drivers, adjustalbe wrench, sark plugs and sockets, tire pressure gauge, ibuprofen, spoke wrench,and other misc. crap, and in my camel back I carry a pump which will always work unlike co2 that runs out, and a patch kit :ride:

I am putting a tool set together for my bike too. The best advice I have heard is...as you work on your bike, take note of the tools you used and add them to your kit. Only use your kit when working on the bike and it will become readily apparent what you have and don't have. Add what you don't have.

Also, JB weld, zip ties, electrical tape, matches, energy bar seem to be pretty popular


I go by the ggod advice given by olinmat. I actually use my bike tool kit to do most work on the bike rather than turning to my mechanics tool set. That way it is readily apparent if I need something that isn't in my tool roll.

So obviously I carry common sized metric box end wrenches. I use the ones with a different size on each end to keep the number of wrenches to minimum. I also have a small adjustable wrench in case I need an open end wrench. It is just big enough to fit the rear axle nut which is the largest on the bike.

I also carry a nut driver handle with bits for the various sized allen, phillips and straight screws and bolts on the bike. I also have a small ratchet for those bits in case I can't get to fasteners with the normal screwdriver handle. This beats the heck out of carrying multiple screwdrivers and allen wrenches.

Then I have the factory combo axle and plug wrench plus a pair of real pliers with a decent wire cutting edge. Then I also carry a small 1/4" drive ratchet and metric socket set with long extension pared down to just needed sockets. Having a socket set is a real time saver for working from the tool kit.

Then just the usual assortment of repair items such as zip ties, safety wire, tape, tire irons, etc. I have had the same tool kit for several years so I know it works for my bike. And everything except tubes fits in a small Moose tool roll that weighs maybe 3 or 4 pounds.

Oddly enough, it ended up stocked almost exactly like the picture in the Moose catalog. Except that I use Craftsman mechanics tools rather than the Moose tools shown.


Just duct tape :ride: It's an airhead, it never breaks. :ride: As a side note, JB weld will not help much, it takes 6 to 8 hours before you can put it back in service, get some 5 minute epoxy.

Fix a flat (seals and Inflates) and cheap, T.P., Flash light(self powered) ,tire irons, both tubes, adjustable wrench, cell phone in the US, Satelite Phone In Mexico ,master link, fuel Siphon and hose, Counter shaft seal, GPS, standard hand tools (like allens,srewdriver tips,combo wrenches, sockets small breaker bar), emergency blanket, and rainsuit, first aid kit in fanny Pack, Lock wire, zip ties small misc hardware, 5 min epoxy, radiator stop leak,tow strap(in case someone else needs it, I ride a xr650) just kidding,tire plugs ( again for others)Valve stem core remover, Mountain Bike hand pump, two way long range UHV handheld radio Mostly in Baja, Gerber Knife multi tool, Vise grips Small pair, (I've actually had to use these to shift, the shifter broke off at the shaft), Paper map, waterproof Matches, quart of oil, mounted on the handle bars in a auxillary cross bar mounted fuel tank, rim strip, digital camera, Oh and some Cash

I think that's all, most of which fits in fender packs or is hard mounted, I try to keep the back pack light, mostly to hold water, which you drink and you could recycle to use as radiator coolant if you know what I mean

I ride in Baja Quite often, and there is no honda shops , or motorcycle shops for that matter, So we have to carry most spares and tools on board and I also have a 7 gallon gas tank, to put my range around 175 miles before reserve if light on the throttle, at race speed around 140 before reserve, the 7 Gallon tank Has a diaphram fuel pump which I plumbed a fitting to hook a up hose (see siphon and hose above in trail tools) for pumping fuel up hill, like the time that I came upon a bronco that ran out of fuel 10 miles from the nearest gas station, it was an odd sight to see a dirt bike fill a truck with gas, gave him 2 gallons and still had plenty of fuel to continue my route.

Most "trail" rides don't require this much equipment, basic hand tools and a cell phone ,1st aid kit, and fix a flat,and water for less than 50 mile rides.

I hope this helps

Just duct tape :ride: It's an airhead, it never breaks. :ride: As a side note, JB weld will not help much, it takes 6 to 8 hours before you can put it back in service, get some 5 minute epoxy.

I haven't used it yet, but JB WELD now has a 15-minute version ... curious if anyone has tried it, and how it compares ... :ride:

I carry a 10 and 12 mm wrench, a 6 in 1 screwdriver ( this works great on getting to the jets), plug wrench, tube patches, pump(second wind style...turns into a hand pump when you run out of co2), axle wrench, cell phone, gps, epoxy paste(5 min.),and water to drink. I also have a powerbar, some jelly beans, a fire starter(no matches), small first aid kit, light sticks, small flash light, foil blanket and maps of where I am riding.

This all fits into my hydration pack.


Btw: When riding with buddies, I would recommend buying some small two-way radios. You can get some good 12 to 14 mile range radios for about 60. bucks. Nothing feels worst than losing a friend while riding and having to wait for hours till he shows up.

a beer, a condom, and some band-aids.

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