04 wr450 skidplate

I tried searching to find this out but no luck. Maybe everybody but me knows this :ride: , but when installing an aftermarket skidplate on a 450 do you remove the stock engine guards or do you leave them in place?


Glen :ride:

You typically remove the stock guards, but I made a spacer for my GYT-R plate so I can keep the stock engine guards (not the skid plates in the center) for a bit of added protection.

I may be obsessive compulsive, though. :ride:

I've been running the Moose skid plate since 04' and I ride gnarly big rock terrain the type of stff that smashes WR headers....... I have never had a problem with water pump or left side engine cover damage. I'd suggest taking all the stock stuff off before mounting the skid plate, you won't need them and it will save weight :ride:

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