680 kit

I have one question Im going to rebuilt my BRP diuring winter (sleve, piston)

question is, Is that possible to change only sleve and piston Wiseco, and gaskets and left anything else stock ?. Price is the same as stock size piston and slave.

You can, but the big bore will bring out the weak spots in the engine, if there are any. While you are in there, it would be a GOOD idea to check the crank and rod bearings, valve seats, seals, valve springs and valves themselves, along with the cam chain. Speaking of the cam, a Hot Cams stage 1 or 2 would do well with the 680kit. Do it RIGHT the first time, and save yourself time and $ later when you have to redo it all due to catastrophic failure. Don't listen to me though, there are others on here who have done the 680kit and are much more knowlegdeable than I. Do some searches on "680 kit" and read posts from Bruce Borynack (BWB I think his screename is). Good luck.

Use Millinium Techonolgy or go through Luke's racing and have the cylinder re-nikasil, way better then steel sleeve! They make it three time thicker then stock. Tighter and won't cold sieze on you like the steel does. Spend just a little more and do the valves to stainless steel (the stock ones are already shot, you'll need new intake for sure)

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