Chain and sprocket sizes

Good day all!

I have recently purchased some Excel wheels (second hand) which have come with a rear sprocket that contains only 42 teeth - with these the blokey gave me some enduro wheels as well with a sprocket with 41 teeth on it.

The problem is that my bike is completely stock (apart from the uncorking i have done gained from info from this great place) - so my rear wheel has a sprocket with 49 teeth on it. Now, after changing the wheels (to get it legal for the road so it passes its MOT) the chain is obviously too loose.

What would be the best thing to do in this situation - as if i take links out my chain i will be limited to the smaller rear sprocket which changes the gearing of the bike for a higher top end and so sacraficing my low end torque when going off road. Will the smaller rear sprocket affect the off road performance of the bike so taht I would notice (I plod along off road - I am no demon off-roader).



Yes, it will be way to tall for 18" dirt wheels. The 41T rear sprocket is commonly used with a 15T front and a shorter chain for supermoto setups with 17" rims/street tires.

Simply unbolt the 49T rear and mount it to your new Excels (use thread locker), this will maintain your standard gearing that you will NEED and WANT while off road. Sell the 41T on Ebay for the SM guys.

Thanks for that - I did think about that but the gold 41T sprocket does look nice. However, I will listen to your wise words and change the sprocket on the wheel.



Hey Ice, what size are the excells? 21 front and 18 rear, or SM size, 17 front and rear? I had 15-48 on my XR6 and it was great except on the hiway or freeway, I went to 15-42 and love it but my XR6 I did this on is tarded as in supermotoed out. 17in Excells front and rear, so if you have 21/18 do go to the 49 or even buy a new rear in gold like you like in 46 and cut the chain to fit then switch the sprocket when you switch wheels.

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