10 minits and i was out of oil. whats going on?

i filled up the oil tank on the yz426 motor. i put a little less than 2 qorts. it was over filled to the point that the oil was up wear the cap twists in. then i finaly got it running yesterday and ran it for 10 minits. no oil will shhow on the dip stick what is going on with that?

that toob on top of hte motor did have a little oil in the inside of it.

Learn to spell..... or at least use the spell check

minit (minute)

toob (tube)

qorts (quarts)

2 quarts should be way more than enough oil....was there a sign of the oil leaking out from somehwere? Need a little more information.

the only spot i could find oil coming out was that tube coming off the top of the motor. i parked it and theirs no spots under it that show oil

Was the engine hot or cold when you checked the oil?

Was the engine hot or cold when you checked the oil?

i checked it b4 i ran it and it was over filled. then i checked it after 10 minuts forunning. it was hot and no oil showd. then i let it cool for a hour. no oil still

I think you need to get a manual and sit down and read it. It will do you good on atleast two levels:

1) you'll learn about your bike

2) you may learn to spell

You put oil in your engine?

No way! :ride:

Maybe the loss of oil could be from the fact that you don't have any oil lines...Or do you? :ride:

Do you have coolant in it yet? :ride:

ok. i take back that it has no oil. heres the thing. the dip stick reads no oil. weard. but then i draind the oil tank today to see how much oil was in teh tank. it filled up a little more than 1 qort. i didnt drain the motor but that muct be wear teh other half of teh oil is sittin. i dumped the oil all back in and it reads no oil in it still but it has about 2 qorts. i do have longer oil lines than stock and i run a oil cooler. should i fill teh tank up till it reads full or should i just run the 2 qorts?

yes i have the coolant in it. i ran it yesterday and im gona to day i think at 5.

also when i draind the oil in the tank it had a slight green/gray coler to it. not sure if that is normal or not but it only has 10 minuts of riding on it and its dark already and the motor ran rilly hot yesterday

Oh Man, this guy is killing me.....go buy a manual and a dictionary. Hes givin' me a headache.....

its not funny doods. i want to know if i should add oil till it says full or not. it already has the recominded amount but im using a 400ex oil tank and longer oil lines. like 2 or 3 extra feet of line.

rilly i need to know what to do

How much is the bodged on oil tank supposed to hold? Maybe all the oil is sitting in this tank and not being pumped around correctly. As its not supposed to work with this tank as the oil reservoir on the 426 is the frame?

Well, if you want to be exact, disconnect the added oil lines and cooler. Fill them up and then measure the volume it held. Add this volume to the recommended amount in the manual (I don't know what year or model your bike is, a 2000 426 takes 1.5qts, 1.6qts with filter, 1.7qts on rebuild). Since you added all this stuff to your bike I have no clue how if effects the volume in the frame tank, so the dipstick just might be useless now.

well teh yamah shop said it should hold just under 2 qorts but mine is showing that it has not enough. im thinking i should just add more oil till it sais full. mabey this tank is bigger than teh stock 426 tank. oversized tanks hold more usualy a qort more so i think ill do that. sounds right to me.

also do all yz426's run hot? cause mine felt rilly hot after 10 minuts. i ran it hard but didnt go over 2nd gear.

Maybe it is from your lack of spelling and the motors wants to die like the rest of us after we have to hear your gibberish.....maybe its because you ran the motor without oil in it and there is 100's of little metal flakes floating around in your engine....maybe!

Trying to read his posts gives me a headache, so I quit. :ride:

I'm sorry to inform you, but you should probably consider castration at this point. Every single post of yours lacks common intelligence. On top of this your handle is get drunk and you are the epitomy of the quad rider who ruins it for everyone. If you think their is no oil in your motor, drain it first to find out, don't waste time and web space with your crap. Telling us that you got your butt kicked in a bar demonstrates your character even further. I have to trust that someone in the military has vastly more intelligence than you and I for one am happy that he took care of business. I can only imagine what you are like under the influence of alcohol. Most of the people on this board would have probably done the same given the circumstances. I have never met you, I can only use the context clues, but I doubt you are an asset to our sport. Please reconsider your involvement in riding on public lands and giving the rest of us a bad name.

Thank You


I really, really wish I could say what I want to. Really.

Hey Getdrunk, if your oil is greenish grey all ready. You may want to check your radiators. As it sounds like you could have blown your head gasket. You know that thing about running it with no oil or coolant.

Also, I would like you to find that "military dood" and thank him for doing a civil justice by kicking your drunk ass.

Yeah I have a buddie who did that 426/400ex conversion. Your just supposed to run it weather you have oil in it or not! As for what you should do, why dont you sell that POS hybrid to someone where it will accually last. Judgeing by your spelling, and IQ, Ill give you a week before you blow it up. And BTW "dood", lay off the pot and beer, even though I highly doubt you have ever had anything alcoholic and you make up half the crap you tell people just too seem cooler...Weather you do or not, that is not for me to decide, but just know that I speak on behalf of myself and the rest of Thumpertalk, GO THE HELL AWAY! :ride:

I agree with everyone else on here...go away until you learn to spell. You're makin everyone that rides quads (myself being one, although, I've taken to bikes [WR426] in recent months) look like absolute retards.

You know what, &%$#@! it, I'll give ya some advice: Just load it up with oil, once you can read it on the dipstick, poor some in the radiator and gas tank too. That should get rid of the problem, problem being the fact that you own a vehicle, extremely quickly.

You're welcome

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