Jingle sound-it’s not even Christmas yet!

I have changed my timing to YZ spec. tried the Baja Design jet kit and it did not work (too rich). I am back to the stock jetting (165 main, 45 pilot and stock needle on 4th clip). Air box lid and the exhaust insert removed. Air screw at 1 ¼ out.

Bike starts on first kick and idles good. After warm-up if I twist the throttle open very fast there is a momentary bog. If I open it slowly then no problem.

When I am riding, there is a spot between approximately ¼ to ½ throttle open, I hear a jingle sound. It sound like there is loose screw or a metal piece somewhere in or around the motor. The sound is not there at idle or ½ to full open throttle. Is this pinging sound??

I have not checked the plug yet.


Hi Rocky,

I'm somewhat new to this WR/YZF stuff but it sounds to me as your too lean at the bottom. I was writeing to ask you about the Baja kit, is it worth it? and what's in it?



the baja kit consists of:

Instructions to change timing to YZ

YZ throttle stop screw

48 pilot

172 main

OBDV R needle

it is around $25. since i am not running an aftermarket pipe, the BJ jetting is way too rich.

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