Ricky's whip on LaRocco's leap

ktm doesnt make the fastest 85..yamaha does..well thats what a few magasines said

that was the nuts i would only wish to do that :ride::ride:

I could do that but the chances of me surviving are zero :ride:

I could do it but I might break a few bones in the process


Great video - thanks for posting it! :ride: You know that jump must be tough if some of the guys out there racing in a National moto are NOT jumping it. RC's whip this year was awsome :ride: ...let's hope that gets posted too!

When you see it in person it looks like something went terribly wrong and you are worried for there safety :ride::ride:

And when they jump it next to someone that doubles it....You just may :ride: yourself!

big wheel 85...ya..if ur tryin it on a big wheel 85, make sure to film it, you could make a lot of cash selliing the crash video....the only guy on a 250f to even try it this year was Mike Alessi, and that was only in practice. It is a sweet jump, though, for sure. I remember when Stewart hucked it on his 125 2smoke, that was rediculous, i wish i had vid. of that....he was absolutely WFO, seat bounce and all, and still barely got over it..in fact, i think he cracked his frame or something on it..insane regardless.

what he said. /\

most 250's don't do it. you'll see some here and there and most often it's in practice. some of the 450's will pull up about half the time (it's full commitment or a ride in the Gator to the med tent). last year even ricky pulled up once or twice as did bubba. come around that bottom side off-line and you ain't gonna like yourself too much when you land.

I posted two pics from this year

I'll bet you Ronnie Renner and Billy Laninovich couldn't go that flat after 40 minutes of destroying the best riders on the planet.

Agree? :ride:

fixed :ride:

Renner's whips are still the sickest on this planet, period.

fixed :ride:

Renner's whips are still the sickest on this planet, period.

ill agree to that...

there is no way that an 85 could ever do that even if the mags say its the most "powerful"

yea i watched the race at it was sick

I could do that but the chances of me surviving are zero :ride:

Same here bro! :ride:

I could only wish to do that.

the whip on the last lap was FREAKIN awesome.. oh man what a feeling that would be 2 land that

I'm not knocking Renner's whip's, but to see a dude throw that after a moto, against guys like Stewart/Reed/Windham, off a jump that makes some very respectable pros crap themselves???

RC is straight up foolish...I'm a friggin' sports addict (football, basketball, etc. I'm a sports encyclopedia), but I've never seen ANYONE dominate their sport the way RC does mx. Not Jordan, not Armstrong, not Gretzky, not Elway, NOBODY.

His career is winding down...But what he did at Red Bud last weekend impressed the shit out of me. :ride:

Does anybody HERE have the suspension setup on their bike to land that*????

*must to be able to ride away without injury or damage to the bike

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