Cam timing specs HotCams

A friend and I need some specs to "degree" some Hotcams cams in a XR600 and a XR650R Engine.

Does anyone knows what the timings are for the XR650R stage 2 and the XR600R stage 1 cams?

I give the timings for the stock XR600 cam as example for what we need:

intake opens 5° BTCD at 1mm lift

Intake closes 40° ABDC at 1mm lift

Exhaust opens 45° BBDC at 1mm lift

Exhaust closes 5° ATDC at 1 mm lift

I hope someone can help us out.


We send some mails to the Tech services of Hotcams and to Grosswachter in Germany,the firm who does the R&D for HotCams ( ) but no answer yet and we need them urgent...

Call Hot cams and ask them???? They did the R&D to design them.... :ride:

Someone is wrong :ride: : from the Grosswachter site: quote "Hotcams:New camshaft profiles designed and developed by Großewächter Racing Parts...."

BTW I'm in Belgium,Europe..So calling is a little difficult :ride: I did send an email to Hotcams USA.

Anyone ??? :ride:

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