2006 YZ Gearing? What are you running

Just picked up a new 450 and was curious as to what is being run. I typically run a 14/48 here in Utah.

For the Track?

For the Mountains?

For the Desert?

Thanks for your help.

For the Track? Stock.

For the Mountains? Stock.

For the Desert? Stock.

I haven't seen the need to gear it down yet, and it goes fast enough on top end that my skill level is exceeded before the gearbox. :ride:

Keep in mind this years bike is stock with 13/49 and has a 19" rear wheel. I went to a 50 in the rear and thought it still a little too tall but I ride at high elevation in rocky steep mountains and tight trees this time of the year.

Stock seemed great for what limited desert riding I did early this year. Might go 48 this fall when I'm back in the desert.

For the Track?

For the Mountains?

For the Desert?

For the track, it depends, but if your skill level is just about average then the stock gearing should work fine. If you ride really fast tracks, gear it up one tooth...and if you ride more technical tracks, gear it down one. You should be fine with the stock gearing in the mountains. For the desert, if you plan on racing and need more high speed...gear it up two teeth and it should be perfect.

I don't normally fiddle with counter sprockets.

Im running the stock 13/49 also.

Im running the stock 13/49 also.

another stocker....I just ride tracks though and I'm slow.

I don't get to ride it that much, and Junior has no complaints. Personally, if it were my primary ride, I might go one or two teeth higher (fewer on the rear) to spread the ratios out a bit.

i went up to a 50 on the rear, but i'm a huge guy and need the bottom end to get my fat a$$ over the jumps.

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