anyone done the XRs Only Mikuni?

Im thinking about buying a XRs Only mikuni carb kit for my Supermoto XR6ooR. It is a 96 and I want a quality carb as I have heard with either the Mikuni or the Keihin FCR kit the bike wakes up big time and is easier to start and tune. Has anyone out there dome the Mikuni kit? How did it work?

I just bought an edelbrock, but haven't gotten it yet. I'll tell you how it is when I get it.

Cool because I may do one of those instead, how much was it? The Mikuni is $300.00 shipped and comes jetted (in the hunt) and with a gunnar gasser throttle, cable, and air box adaptor.

I got an Edelbrock from Barnumspro:

for my '06 XR650L and it was $420 including shipping. It came with extra needles (no jets to change, rough adjustment is by needle size) and throttle cables. It also has a special tool for the fine adjustment. The tool isn't a "must have" item but simplifies making adjustments. The instructions are excellent and it only took about a hour to install. I took a little extra time to see how everything worked. I went ahead and put in the next size needle because I had replaced the pipe and air filter to units that flow more air.

I run the Edelbrock. Not a bad choice, but not the best for maximum performance. I would say teh FCR is the top carb, due to its adjustablity. On the other hand the FCR can be a pain to "dial in".

The Edelbrock only has two real adjustments, the needle height and tapper. Also pumper, but that is really throttle response. You can adjust the height from outside the carb (pretty cool), but the taper requires a needle change. The FCR has like 5 adjustments and can be tailored to fit many different engine setups. There has got to be reason that every MX bike made runs this carb.

I have got my carb pretty close, but it is a little lean in the mid range. The kit gives you two extra needle and I am running the richest one, might need a different needle The bike would hardly run with the rejetted stock carb after the engine work.

Again, not a bad choice, depends on what you are looking for. It is made in the USA, which must count for something.


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