This is Wierd!

I had a really strange sound coming from the front of my engine on Saturday. Could not pinpoint it but it sounded like a water pump bearing going bad. It increased with throttle increase. Did not make the sound at adle at all. Checked engine with a mechanics steathascope and could hear no unusual sounds coming from the engine. Just off chance I decided to reset to WR timing, went back out and the sound reappeared. Normally when I have had a pump problem you could feel the bearing vibration by feeling the outer cover of the pump while it was running or hear it on the scope. This sound has come and gone now for a couple of most prevalent on hot days and in alot of tight stuff.

Any Ideas before I change out the water pump?

Additionally: Any one ever had problems with the two Carb main gaskest increasing in size after being opened? I had an Air intake joint gasket that would not fit back into the lower groove after I changed the PAJ and a Float bowl gasket that leaks after removal. The intake Gasket is $18.00 and the FB gasket is $25.00 from Yamaha! Is this a racket or what!!!!


Bonzai :)

I have noticed a sound coming from the front of the engine, that seems to come and go. Also on hot/warm days. It almost sounds like a squealing noise. I really cant hear it except one day I put the OEM baffle back in for a stealth ride and then it was very easy to hear it. When reving the engine, but not at idle. I plan a tear down this winter to check it out.

If you find anything please post the results

By some chance are you guys running something like Water Wetter? I've been warned before about water pumps going bad faster if no anti freeze is added to the water wetter mix. I guess the glycol in anti freeze lubricates the pump.

I've run straight water wetter and distilled water in my TLR for over a year now with no problems, just curious.


Yamakaze, I have had a whine that comes from my radiators when I get it good and hot. Only in real tight trails, first gear nastys. I think it has to do with the pressure in the radiator building with heat. check this out it sounds like this could be your noise. I think this sound is normal.



It very well could be fluid passing through the veins of the radiator. I have noticed that If I do a quick runup and take it around the block it is very quiet. However when I'm in the woods dealing with it I hear it quite a bit at low to mid throttle. There may be some air in the system that is moving and causing a vibration at high pressure. It cannot be a terminal condition as it has been going on now for months, and oil changes show only a normal amount of metal dust on the magnetic plug and never any metal shavings like a bearing or a race giving way. I ordered a water pump anyway that I'm going to keep in my trailer for emergencies. I also ordered an extra gasket so that I can pull the pump and inspect the impeller and bearing. I've got this cool raidator bleeder that a friend of mine made, you fill the system, pressureize it with a special cap then bleed it off with a dial on the overflow hose. Works great on cars, we bought and modified a WR cap....We'll See.


Bonzai :)

Wish the guys I rode with were as prepared as you KAZE, my backpack would be a lot lighter. They don't seem to understand that if they get a flat and don't have a way to trail fix it, that my riding day has also been ruined. Guess I'll keep being the pack mule :)

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