Need advice on warm re-starting

Hi all: I am a bit of a novice and still learning to love the intracies of my lovely red BRR, so please bear with me if I ask any dumb questions.

I have a 2000 XR650r that was uncorked last year by following the tech article on this site. After some challenges with jetting and getting the idle settings right, the bike ran very well last year before being put up for the winter. I have only now been able to ride it again as I am recovering from an injury, and I am having some problems now keeping the bike idling, and restarting when it's warm. Since most of my riding right now consists of slow trail crusing with my wife on her XR100, with frequent stops, it's become a real problem to have to stop and not be able to re-start the bike within a few kicks. Some times, I am able to get it to light within 2 or 3 kicks of such a stop, but usually it takes 4 or 5 attempts of several kicks, clearing out the carb with the comp. release several times to get it re-started.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for proven warm start procedure that is known to work well with un-corked bikes. I would also welcome any advice on things I should check relative to choke settings, jetting, idle settings, or anything else that I should consider troubleshooting to make it easier to re-start the bike when warm. Any advice is much appreciated.



I have a MY 2000 "uncorked" R as well. Mine takes a fews attempts when cold, but fires right up when it's warm... unless it is flooded. In that case I have to clear it as you described. I would suspect the jetting, but there are lots of people here on TT far more knowledgeable about jetting that me. Good Luck and let us know how you get it solved.

Bikes that are jetted rich run great cold, but like sh*t when hot.

Bikes that are jetted lean run like sh*t when cold, but great when hot.

Your bike is simply to rich on the pilot jet.

Try to adjust your pilot screw (fuel screw), turning it CW makes the idle circuit leaner, what you want.

From your symptoms though, you would do well to go ahead and change the pilot jet. Assuming you are running a stock carb with a 68s, change it out for a 65s, then readjust your pilot screw.

Trust me, I have experienced this one myself.

Ditto what snaggleXR650 says.

Ditto what snaggleXR650 says.

snaggle and creeky are right, one step smaller pilot, then readjust the pilot screw and the idle. Id leave it a little high on idle when trail riding with the wifey too. This wil help keep it from both stalling and doing a flameout.

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks to you all for your replies. I will start by adjusting the pilot screw and see how far I can get. If that does not get it working I will be shopping for a 65s. Wish me luck!

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