01 XR650R Funny Vibe Last Nite After 60mils

I got a funny feel last night on way back from balisterton area. It might have the chain, it almost felt the chain was getting ready to slip a tooth?, which I have don years ago. Its possible that I was short on lube, I think. There is only 2000mls on chain. Checked for bad link or stuck. Checked tension Guides etc. There appears to be some oil once and a while coming from two like shear pins above shift lever? One looks to be leaking after long rides. Lots of power, runs great. Possible lube, Valve adj, looking for info on any quicks. Thanks to tirebiter I know a few

Thanks " JR " :ride::ride:

It didn't take long for my rear sprocket to chew out the bolts holding them on. It gave a big jerk on a road ride one day so i pulled over and found only 2 loose bolts were left. I got some high tensile ones in there now with lock nuts and spring washers. Big torquey beast it is.

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