Stock 06 Tripple clamps/Scotts ster/Stabr

ok how are the stock tipple clamps on the 06 do you like them how many are putting AFM ones on??? And you guys that have the stablizers with stock clamps... are you running the regular mount or sub mout have any pics and were did you get them from??? when ordering from bto sports they have the options for what clamps ....stock....and then if you have oversized bars and not and thats extra and thought??? would i have to add thoughs when i shouldnt since in 06 then came with 1 1/8 bars??? help! :ride:

I dont know about 06 YZ250f, biut i had to buy after market tripleclamps to run a Scotts stabializer!!! It cost me total of $600 for stabializer, Top BRP triple clamp and all the hardware to install the stabializer!!! Check my garage i have some pics of my stabializer and alll that stuff!!!!! hope this helps!!! :ride:

Has anyone just put it on top and cut out there foam on the bar pad so they can still have the pad??? I have heard off ppl smacking there jaws on that not good :ride: And for you guys that have them Is it money well spent cuz its 450 bucks at a min. For one brand new with Oversized bars.....

It say's the factory riders put it behind the number plate...why don't you just do that? I seem to sometimes hit my chest on the bar pad when landing hard, lucky I have a chest protecter, but if I had that thing on my bars I wouldn't want to hit it and break it @ $450 a pop.

I added aftermarket clamps, RG3, to get a different offset. The stock clamps are very well built and good looking. Unless you want a different offset or a stabilizer wont mount to them, skip the aftermarket clamp. Your paying for looks.

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