Restoring scratched plastics - help

I had read a thread on this topic somewhere, but I have lost the link and have spent most of the morning trying to find i, without success!! Basically it told you about restoring badly scratched plastics (mudguards and side panels) using DIY methods - knifing/sanding/buffing/polishing or using over the counter kits which contained wire wool/pads/polishes etc.

I started sanding my plastics to remove the scratches but even with the v finest grits and polishing creams, can't get the hard 'polished shine' finish that the good plastic has.

Anyone have any advice or can redirect me to the thread I had been reading!!


I tried a long time ago to restore the fresh look of the plastics both with some commercial products and some concoctions of my own. I finally came to the conclusion that I could spend my time on projects that produced positive results, nothing worked very well. When you wash the bike, spray on some Son of a Gun or something to make the plastic look presentable. When Your friends start making snide comments about the appearance of your bike, buy some new plastic.

Once you have the plastic sanded to the point you are wet sanding it with 400 grit you will need to use a clear coat of some sort to give you that shine. It will never look like brand new plastic, but from five feet away you can't tell the difference.

just read somowhere in this forum a long time ago that you could use some floor polishes for that purpose been about to try it sometime but then I have to wash my bike first...

sand them and hit them with a heat gun, just don't melt em.they gloss over nice

sand them and hit them with a heat gun, just don't melt em.they gloss over nice

That sounds great,and also seems like a long term/permanent fix.Cheaper too. :ride:

my bike sat outside for several years and took a beating. major oxidation, and previous scratches. i did the sanding thing then used some turtle wax 2001 and hit it with a buffing pad on my angle grinder and it did a pretty darn good job of getting the shine back.

Eastwood company sells a kit to renew plastic...may want to "google" it just for kix

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