xr650l: footpegs, exhaust, graphics opinions?

Looking for suggestions/experience for 2001 xr650l on the following:

Footpegs: (need bigger ones for big feet) looking at White Bros. tri pro pegs

Exhaust: Looking at White Bros E2 and Supertrapp ISD2 (haven't heard either)

Graphics: Looking for something that will work on Clarke plastic tank.

Thanks in advance,


Hey buddy I havent seen the pegs you described but I think IMS makes big pegs, I have the E2 and am VERY pleased..quality excellent and sounds great really opened up the perfromance from the stock turd can, graphics your just gonna have to dig around on I dont think theres a whole lot out there , check ebay

I installed the Moose pegs, they are bigger and have an agressive pattern for grip...and are cheaper than most brands. My pipe is WB E-series S Bend, still available, shorter than most so its safer offroading, sounds great and increases power.

I bought my sticker set for my Clark tank like a year ago and they still are holding up very well. They are by Grafx Effex, and made for an XR600..and are perforated with breathing holes. I have heard many times if your tank is new run it without graphics for a few weeks to let the plastic breath the gas fumes out, then install the stickers (only get the ones with holes for more breathing). You can see my tank in garage pics. I got the stickers after seeing on fellow TT members bike. And I got them on Dennis Kirk online under clearance for like $25. Again they were listed for XR600.



You can find graphics kits by searching Ebay for "XR600 graphics".

pipe can be bought here at good prices...link


IMS or Moose pegs can be bought from local dealer (order) or online, ebay has them sometimes too.

good luck.

I put the Tusk pegs on from rocky mountain,the price could not be beat. XRs only full comp pipe in stainless with there mikuni flat slide carb. Rocky mt has alot of stuff like braided brake lines.

ditto on the TUSK stainless steel footpegs, they are great, and cheaper than the others ...

I have the Supertrapp IDS2 exhaust, and it is excellent, in my opinion ... my many mods are listed in the Garage, and except for the piss-poor Corbin seat, I am very happy with all my mods ... :ride:

I have a set of the IMS pro pegs, big feet-big boots etc. They have saved my butt more than once. Nothing else ever again.....01-XR650R,PLATED,AND UNCORKED!!!!!


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