How Close to the header does your Bottom Radiator hose come?

Hey Ya'll I have a coolant leak and my local shop says that my Radiators test fine that it must be in the hoses somewhere. So in replacing the hoses I noticed that the bottom Radiator hose that goes between the two radiators comes very very close to the header. if not sitting on it! Since I didn't notice it when taking it apart to replace the hoses I'm not sure if it was that close before? I do have a big Gun header but was wondering how close other headers come to the hose and if it would make a difference...could it still burn through with coolant inside the hose? could my lower inlet to the right radiator have gotten torqued up towards the header....

Please check and let me know when you can!

thank you


Well I tweaked as much as I felt comfortable so there is now 1/4" and went ahead and rode didn't burn through...but I also found that my leak was the small hose that connects the two radiators at the top! the wire clamp wore a grove and it was trimmed it up and put a real clamp on it and we'll see how that works when I ride it later!

JUST A NOTE: I had my cooling system apart and wanted to change hoses...The are obviously pre-bent. so regular coolant hose collapases when bent to those angles...I tried it (cheapest route) then I bought 3 prebent collant hoses for various cars that had enough angles to get my hoses out of it so I cut them and they worked great!!! except for the water pump I never got an angle to work so used the old hose with hopes as it wasn't the culprit.....BUT I then got online at and priced the individual hoses and they aren't as expensive as I had thought...$4.59 x 2 and $3.** for the other 3. so all in all it would have been cheaper to order the hoses ahead of time and not have to deal with the hassle of making something work! (by the way the prebent hoses at autozone were $9.99 TOO MUCH COST to make something work! I didn't have 7 days to wait on hoses and I refuse to deal with the local dealer anymore (also they never carry anything for the XR650R so still have to wait to order it)

My conclusion Honda hoses are worth the price!!! b/c they are same if little cheaper and NO HASSLE!




I just put the Big Gun header on last night. Agreed, tight fit. I have about 3/4" to 1 inch separation from header to the lower radiator hose. However, the left header is about 3/4" from the left radiator (Fluidyne). I plan on geting heat tape/shield for that small area.

The upper hose between the tops of the radiators is prone to problems with my setup too. The Clark tank and Fluidynes push things tight, darn near kinking the hose as it exits the right radiator. I need find a fix for that.

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