20 inch Front Wheel??

Over New Years I ended up in a violent head on with another bike leaving me with a folded front rim...

Has anyone seen or heard the results of the new 20 inch fronts? Will tube and tire choice be limited?

I'm thinking about giving it a try. Before I do I want some feed back from the most brutal and informative site on the net.

out of round, huge

I've heard that the 20" rims perform much better in crash tests. They may be more to your liking...... :)

Hey Howard, was the HEAD on with Mike in Silicon in Moab remebered or love lost?. :)

Haven't seen you since Stoneyford at turkey time, haven't seen Mike since way before your Moab trip. We will all have to ride soon. I just had knee surgery on Tuesday, so I am not riding for a few weeks but will be Jones'd to go soon. I spoke with John in Granite bay a week or so ago and he was going to attempt the new years ride with you all as well as I but I ended up with the family obligation and John had blue balls for a while. Hope to see you all at Stoney or elsewhere soon.

Mike in Roseville.


2001 KTM 400 exc. No upgrades, comes out of the box ready to ride.

Doesn't it seem a little odd that it was 1991 when Hondas' CRs' were sold with a revolutionary new concept, the 22" front wheel? I am with you on always wanting to try out the new stuff Howard but a couple things just crossed my mind. To replace the 21" with a 20" wheel would change the overall diameter of the wheel enough to slightly change the running frame geometry. Im haven't looked at the new 20" wheels but it would seem that this would cause as much negative handling traights as you might gain from any wheel advantage, unless you cut the steering head loose and changed the angle of the steering head to compensate. Although after seeing the train wreck mayhem you were in New Years it wouldn't suprise me if your steering head angle was slightly altered already. :) YOUDAMAN. And she drove!

oops, I said 1991 when actually I ment 1981. Where the *%$@#^%& did 10 years go? Hey , has anyone seen 1986? .... it was right here!

You still have it screwed up. I would guess the year was 1979, and it was a 23" front wheel.

Not only does the time go but the information too! Yea ,I think your right.

Hey Howard, I just had a thought. Forget the 20" front wheel and get a 23", then everyone will see you coming. No more headons!

Hey Howard,

I'm in the process of collecting parts for a 20 inch front wheel. The current bind is Excel is only making black anodize rims right now. If you want black front rim you are in good shape. Wheel Works in So. Cal has the black rim in stock and quoted me $140. The natural finish Excel 20 inch is supposed to be available this month.

I have only read about the 20 inch wheel in Dirt Rider. The story is a bigger front contact patch, better braking and conerning, blah blah. The only reason I want to try it is for better floation in sand.


GPS geek and high mileage 98WR400.

does anyone remember the hype about bio-pace chainrings on mountain bikes, from about 1989-91?

They made everyone ride round like demented rocking horses.

Also, I remember when honda started selling their CBR900 fireblades (of which ive had 2)with 16 inch front wheels, saying they were the mutts nuts, only to change back to 17's 8 years later.

Ring any bells?

Now I know when I bought the mountain bike that is in my garage. :)

Yea but do ya ride it much :)

Check out my post on the YZ426 board (20" Wheels). If your looking for more flotation the 20 isn't going to help much. If your bike/riding style makes the front end feel like it's going to slide-out, GO FOR IT! I have just one ride on mine but, it's worth the money. I'm runing a Dunlop 756 I paid $58 for they also had Bridgstones available. I got my spoke kit and rim from http://www.dirt-deals.com/ $56 for the spoke kit and $109 for the rim and yes I did change both front and rear to black rims. The YZ looks great now but, I'll have to keep it out of the rocks.


The problem with riding my mountain bike is that it is parked close to the 400. Let's see....biopace or BERMBLASTIN. At least the mountain bike is also blue...and dusty.

Thanks for the input Todd. You did notice a difference in the way the front end washes out or lack thereof. Thats what I was hoping to hear I think I'll wait a little longer to see if i can get another color than black. Don't get me wrong i like the black i just ride alot in the rocks i hear they don't look so good after a couple of rockpile sessions. Good price on the rim and the spokes. After you get some more seat time with it post again with your evaluation. I've noticed all the indoor guys are using them but i don't do indoors.

thanks, huge

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