Is anyone around a 1000' alt?

If anyone is around the 1000 ft range with a 01 wr426 and a e series pipe please tell me what your carb settings are at.

I have not done the bk mod but have cut the grey wire.

I need to figure out some problems I am haveing.

It seems alot of the sigs have thier settings alot richer then mine. And mine seems very rich.



What are your settings and what is your bike doing? I have an 01 426 with the e-series, air lid off, and yz timing. I live in south carolina and do all my riding at less than 2000ft. Believe it or not my jetting is practically stock. The only thing I have done is step up the pilot jet from a 42 to a 45, when the bike began popping and sputtering when i'd let off the throttle in gear. I think my bike runs great now, it starts with 2 or 3 kicks most times and pulls hard all the way from the bottom to the limiter. It also starts easily after cutting off when hot.

It seems that some bikes are alot more finicky when it comes to jetting than others or maybe some riders are just more unlucky than others :) .

Below are my settings for my WR....600-1000 Ft.

Bonzai :)


How many discs? You may want to go back to stock jetting and try changing one circuit at a time I pilot jet then needle then main jet.

Also keep in mind the 98/99 carbs are different and seem to require richer jetting then your year bike.


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