under water yz 426

I was thinking about buying this 2000 yz 426 from a kid in my town until a flood hit and submerged the bike under water for about 2 days. He still wants to sell it but at a much cheaper price ($1300 maybe). Could this bike still be fine once it is drained, flushed, and re-oiled properly? Are there some major concerns to consider? Or is this bike just a lost cause? The bike was in good condition before the flood, but I havent seen it since. Thanks.

depends on how submerged it was but the longer it sits the more likely it is for things to be damaged if there is water in the motor.

Here is just my suggestion. I am sure others can give a more technical answer.

I am sure that sitting in water is not going to be good for it.

But it surely is not as bad as if the engine had run at all while it was underwater which could really mess it up.

Is the exhaust pipe full of water. Pull the header and see if water comes out there.

Pull the oil breather pipe and see if that is dry

Pull the carb and see if there is any water in there.

Then pull the top end and make sure no water is in there in the head or the cylinder.

Lastly I would drop the oil, without starting the engine to see if there is any water there. Then I would lube it all up put it back together fill it with oil and try to start it.

I would not try to start it until I had done all the above.

If the oil breather tube is dry then it may have kept the water out, you know, like a diving bell as long as the bike remained upright a bubble of air might have kept the engine dry. Likewise an air bubble may have formed in the kink of the header and the carberator. But if water got in through any of those three places you may have to tear it down completely.

But then I am not really as much an expert as some of the other guys here. I am just trying to think through it logically.

be careful and good luck.

I don't think I would buy it for 1300 unless he lets you inspect it good because you can get a really good condition one for like 2500 that has never been submerged but like the guy above said water might not have gotten into the motor at all

the more I think about it the more I would worry.

I am thinking that water is surely going to get in through the air filter into the carb so the only thing keeping the water out of the engine on that side is the intake valves. They might have been open or closed depending on the stroke.

On the other hand, if the exhaust valves were open, then surely water would have got in through the header. But then that might not be so terrible as there is an oil seal in the cylinder that would possibly keep the water out of bottom end where it would cause the real damage.

I would still do the inspection of header, carb, oil breather and top end before buying the bike.

Good luck.

I think BergArabia makes some very solid, and thoroughly thought out points. How mechanically inclined are you? Do you feel that you could pull it apart yourself? I recently did an entire rebuild, and it cost me 300 or so for parts. I had bent a shifting fork.

I think, if you have the time, the place and the know how to tear it down, I would give it a shot. You could in the end, save upwards of 1000 dollars. You might even feel really proud after pulling it down, and redoing all that work and having the satisfaction of saying Yeah, I rebuilt it, I feel confident.

I'd probably buy it if it's cheap, after all, it's not the first bike to ever be submerged, and even better that it wasn't running at the time.

Depends wether it was fresh or salt water. Salt water I would not touch it. Fresh, maybe as long as it has not been started or attempted to be started. I drowned an XR once and had it flushed and going again 3 hrs later with no further problems.

Depends wether it was fresh or salt water. Salt water I would not touch it. Fresh, maybe as long as it has not been started or attempted to be started. I drowned an XR once and had it flushed and going again 3 hrs later with no further problems.

True. Salt water...no way. If it was fresh water, I'd give him $300. $1300 is WAAAY too high.

Me personally id buy it as long as it wasnt running you know it diddnt bend a rod. Pull the exaust make sure its dry drain the oil clean the carb, pull the plug out and turn it over several times to clear the cylinder, youll be good to go.. I would change the oil again after each ride for the first couple just to make sure you got all the condesation out, me personally would be happy it drowned sounds like a thousand dollars or so cheaper for an hours worth of work...But the choice is yours... :thumbsup:

Run run run....find another one.....they are all cheap now. Unless you want to take the whole thing apart and rebuild it...... :thumbsup:

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