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Used box vans, where to find some?

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I'm looking for a used box/work van, early 90s+up, 6 cyl. preferred, don't want to pay much more than $1000, can anyone help me out on where to look?

By the way, I live on the eastern shore on md so if any of you know anything about 100miles away or closer, let me know!

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A couple of suggestions for your box van search:

1) Ritchie Brothers auctions in North East, Md. This is a contractor auction (lots of heavy construction equipment, large trucks , etc.). However--- they will usually have at least a few vans & box vans.

The PROS to going to one of their auctions are that this is one of the only places I think you stand a chance of finding something half decent that is even close to your price range. Even at that, I still think you are looking at more like $1500-$3000 for something road worthy. Another pro-- you do not have to be a licensed car dealer to bid on auction day. (you just need a bank letter verifying that you have the funds to purchase what you are going to be bidding on)

The CONS to going this route are that they only have auctions 4 times a year (I believe the next one is October). Other cons are obviously that if somebody wants the box van worse then you, that you are going to have to set your limit and know when to bail out of the bidding.

If you go this route--- I suggest you also do your homework-- ...go up a day or two before the auction, and look over and inspect anything you are interested in very thoroughly as many things are being sold there because they have problems to begin with. You can also go to the registration building ahead of time and make sure you have everything you need to bid.

Their site is at www.ritchiebros.com/index.jsp

2) My other suggestion is to check with Ryder, U-Haul, etc and find out where they dispose of old vans. Ryder used to have a disposal yard near Wilkens Ave. in Baltimore. I bought two of my old ones here years ago, but I'm not sure if they are still there or not.

Most of their disposal vans are going to be priced a fair deal higher then your budget--- However, you may want to look into this as you never know what they may have. Or--- if your budget allows, you may find something you would be willing to spend a little more on.

Good luck in your search!

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