Wanted to BUY....

Looking for a used (but Serviceable) pair of size 11 Motocross boots to outfit a new 15 year old foster child that I am teaching to ride and build some self esteem.

New Bike, MX pants, Shirt, Gloves, Helmet, Chest protector and Gloves have almost depleted my (wife restricted) budget.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You guy's are better than family....My wife and I are sitting here kind of dazed and thankful that there are folks like you guy's out here. I have responded personaly, but would like to thank you all for your response.

Additionally I have a brand new pair of Kids Fox 360 pants (Blue) size 32 and a brand new Fox Jersey and a new set of Thor Boots (8 Female), my daughter wore once and decided that riding wasn't her thing. If someone would like them I'd be happy to send them to you.

Again, Thank-you


Bonzai :)

[ November 13, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

I have a set of axo size 11 rc-2's.

I will donate to the cause.

PM me your adress if you want them.

Do you need any other gear?


I have a set of year old Gaernes, size 11. I will let you have them also. Let me know if you need anything else, and i will try to scrounge up some stuff.


KUDOS guys......... this is way COOL :)


Thumbs up to you Guys!!

I just forwarded this page to my Mom. She really has a lot of respect and is impressed with the ABSOLUTE QUALITY of the members of our beloved websight!!

In our day and age of hostility, selfishness, self serving world, it IS GREAT to see comraderie based on a motorcycle, of all things!!

I have forwarded several TTalk pages to my Mom!

I think in my Will and upon my death, (where I will go to the baddest MX track in heaven with the giant quintupple jump!!) I will "will" out the parts to my bike, and my gear as well!! :)

I don't have any size 11 boots but I would buy the fox pants, jersey and boots if I can afford them.

what exactly is that green thing to the right of the trailer? it looks like the world's largest kdx handguard if you ask me. LOL :) is that a superimposement, a misunderstanding, trick photography, a hallucination, an optical illusion, an extraterestrial act, or an actual handguard off of the world's largest KDX? :D:D:D

just wondering.

oh, and thumbs up to all the TTers.

you guys just earned like a million respect points (whatever that is worth to ya) in my books for your generosity. it's good to see that some people are willing to share/give in this world to give an underprivalaged kid a chance.

Way to go! :D




If a you have a kid that can get some use out of this gear, they are yours...No Charge..Consider it an investment in a young persons future.

E-mail me off line with your address and I'll ship them too you.


Bonzai :)

This is way cool! Great job you guys! :)

Ups picked up the boots this am.

I sent them 3 day.

They are axo size 11, but I am a skinny 12.

I stopped wearing them because they were tightened all the way and not tight on my birdlegs..

Like I said I am skinny, 6'8" 180lbs.

If you run a running shoe insole I think you will be very happy with the fit.

Oh yea, they are blue.

Have a good time with the kid. Keep us posted.

Maybe we can make a rat fleet of beginner bikes and have our own TT non-profit young people program.

I've been in Northern California too long... :)

Hmmm, I wonder if my neighbor will let me adopt her 16-year-old son...?

Very cool Yama. Much respect man.


hey YAMAKAZE, just wondering if you got my email?

Thanks, rob



Great opportunity for those kids lacking some things in their lives. It is great to hear others giving to the less fotunate. My wife and I were foster parents here in California prior to adopting our daughter and were amazed at some of the things we witnessed and stories we heard. There is plenty of love to go around!



Got it late last night....Gotta get a box from work today and will have the wife ship them too you sometime tomorrow....

Hope he gets much enjoyment from the gear....

I may have a couple extra jersey's that I'll throw in if I can locate them tonight.

Bonzai :)

To All,

My wife has been giving me alot of grief about spending so much time on-line at TT, after letting here read what has been transpiring here lately she could not believe the quality of people I have been spending my time with. Needless to say, my wife said I can come out and play anytime....You are all too cool :D Keep us posted on what you still need for the Lad.

Pete :)

You guys are great! I feel like I want to join the peace corps or something........ :) . Honestly though, motorcyclists are some of the most giving people I know. Good luck with the kid!


P.S. Kevin,

When you're making out that will for your bike

can you make sure I don't get your carburetor............. :D

Hey Yamakaze,

Don't forget to tell your kid that green bikes RULE!!!!(Note my signature)LOL!!!


Thanks yamakaze he's going to get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

This is a good thing your doing. we all should list things we don't need anymore. It would make a lot of kids happy.


Thanks man...The Wife and I do whats called Therapudic foster care. It's different than regular foster care in that these kids have been mentally ,physically and sometimes sexually abused. Some of these kids are pretty rough in the begining. We have had pretty good success with the program, while we work with the kids the system works with their families and have watched 2 out of 4 of our young charges transition back home and 1 onto independent living facilities since we began in 1995. It's a great feeling to watch these kids turn around and head in the right direction.

I figure you only get to pass thru here one time...might as well make the best of it while your here.

Take care...

Bonzai :)

Yamakaze (or any other worthy cause),

I have a pair of size 40 FOX Classic Offroad pants (360s w/o graphics, I think) that I can't wear anymore - they will not fit over my CTI2 knee brace. They still fit me, so no snide remarks about my ever increasing waistline.

I'd like to pass them on if anybody can use them. Let me know if I can help anybody out.


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