Wanted to BUY....


Did you ever receive the boots?

I started getting paranoid, like you were disapointed or something...

I can send the tracking # for the ups shipment if you haven't recieved them.


Thor SZ 38 pants and xl shirt available if needed for a donation. Fred


Check your PM, I sent you a message the day they arrived. Thanks. Two pair came wheeling in about the same time. One went to Brian and another to a kid in the same situation that we met at a local Poker run. A guy came up to me out of the blue, when he saw my Thumpertalk Logo and my Yamakaze logo on the trailer door. He didn't wish for me to identify him as he also frequents our beloved site. I gave him one pair of the boots to replace the tennis shoes his kid was wearing. Felt pretty good to be able to help a fellow thumper out. You guys are a class act.....

PS>>>Robman....New 360 pants and jersey will be on their way monday via fedex overnight on Monday...

Bonzai :)

Way to go Yamakaze. You need anything else?

Greg in Atlanta.

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