Stem Bearings...HELP

'03 YZ450F...

Can anyone tell me how to remove the lower stem bearing???? Is there a way I can do it from home without having to take it to a MX shop???


I took my shock off because I need to change the spring, however, I cannot figure out how to remove the existing spring from the shock??? Do I need a special tool for this or is there a trick??

Thank You Guys!!!!!!!! :ride:

I take it you don't have a manual.

For the lower triple clamp bearing. Look in your manual, it says to use a floor chisel to pry it up, but don't ding the steering stem. You better be replacing the bearing races as well, right?

For the shock spring, break the threaded lock rings loose. Loosen them all the way. Them push the rubber bumber down and remove the retainer bushing (couldn't think of a better word). Sometimes that rubber bumber sticks.

I really encourage you to check out the manual, it does help.

you have to have a press to get the bottom bearing off. You will just beat the hell out of it without one

beats me about the shock

New bearings should come with the races too, I think. If you just have to lube it you don't need to take it off, just pack it with grease and put it back on.

Thank you guys very much...

I tried like heck to pry the lower bearing off with a chisel but just ended up starting to affect the triple clamp...I guess I will need to take it in to get it removed with the proper tool. As for the races...I cannot punch them out to save my life so another reason to take it in cause I do want to change them as well.

I got the shock figured out................THANK YOU!!!

I used a small die grinder with a cut off wheel. Once I dug a deep enough groove in the bearing i smacked it with a cold chisel and it split in half. After it's splits, it pops right off.

Here's what I did, it was pretty easy:

1) To take the lower steering stem bearing off, take a butane torch and heat up the bearing. Give it a good wack with a chisel and it will come off.

2) This worked great putting the new bearing on. Put the triple clamp in the freezer and let it sit for a couple of hours. Take your new bearing and put it under a heat lamp. Do this and the bearing will just slide right on to the steering stem, no press, no fuss.

3) Remove the races in the frame with a 12" long drift (like a chisel). Make sure the edges of the drift arn't chamfered, grind the end flat so you have a nice sharp edge. Mine popped out pretty easy. I've read some people have great luck with taking a mig welder and welding a small bead on the race. This makes the race contract and it's easy to pop out. Sounds neat.

4) I took a brass drift and tapped the new races into the steering head.

Yeah usally you have to cut the bottom off thats what i have always done. No harm done just watch what your doing.

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