99 Wr V 06 Wr

just as the title says, what gains will be made from going 06/07?

my 99 has had different cams and a fair bit of work done and head to head its got more grunt and top end than my mates standard 05 Wr450. There is a lot of talk that the 450 has been toned down somewhat over here (australia).

i loved my 99 but becasue of a very shitty mechanic its now in a million bits and the cost of repair mite just be to harsh so it mite just be better to wash my hands and get a new one... i havn't heard that may good things about the 06, sure its strong reliable but its seems to not excite the way u would think it would. I test road one (only on the road) from the shop last week and it seems to be very user friendly and smooth but i like the raw kick in the nuts the 99 gives.

i know its a good bike and it will deliver all day every day but i am just not sure..... what u think??

steff......................... :ride:

A YZ exhaust cam will give new WRs the "kick in the nuts" you're looking for. A high comp piston probably wouldn't hurt either.

Ok just got back from the bike shop and the 400 is worse than first thought, 4th gear has shattered sending metal right throught the bottom end so its new crank and all sorts now....

While i was there i waked them about then 06 WR450 and they said they are restricted here on the throttle,timming and exhaust restrictions. when you buy it they com,e with a de-restriction kit and manual on how to get full power and if you buy a new exhaust its up and running...

still i am a little unsure... no one else got any ideas???


Might be worth waiting for '07's. Should be able to find '06 new for $9500.

They have been toned down a fair bit, but run a race pipe and you will get the punch back. Either that or just get a YZ. Either way, any "enduro" bike is going to cost you money setting up. They are all choked up. If you like punch, like mike tyson punch, test ride a husaberg 550 or 650.

Where you living anyway?

I am up in C-QLD and i cant wait for the 07, its been three weeks now and no bike i am going insane(the wife and kids say they are moving out till i get my bike back) I use the bike daily on the road so the yz is out . Nothing starts the day better than 15 minutes of bush riding to get to work and the same to unwind on the way home..... .

what ever i get or do it has to have as u put it *mike tyson* punch!!!! tame smooth bikes bore me to quickly.. ..


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