gold valves worth the money

i am looking to redoing my suspension and i was wondering if i should even do it yet seeing that i only have 40 hrs on my bike ,and the fact that iam not pro yet but what do i do also i was qouted 1000 dollars for gold valves front and rear and hevier springs in the front and rear as weel for 1000 out the door any input is appreciated

I just had my 06 revalved with race tech gold valves and heavier spring's front and rear. $1000 is to much! I had a little in $500 in mine total, I bought the valves and spring's and took them to a guy I know and he only charged me $100 to put everythign in. I guess if you are paying retail that's the price as the gold valves are pricey but I get 10% over cost at the dealer I deal with. I would check around buy the valving and spring's your self and find someone to do it for you. I went with type 2 valving up front and type 1 in the rear as this is what the guy told me to get that does suspension all the time and it's alot better now for me.

A revalve and respring will make you much happier whether you are a pro or not. Your bike will just be more fun to ride. The better suspension will probably make you a better rider too. It's the best thing you can do to your bike IMO. I'd skip the gold valves though. They aren't that much better. You probably wouldn't even notice them. Not worth the money to me. If you're rich, that's another story.

A lot of people in the know do not like the approach of using Gold Valves for revalving.

Go look around in the suspension forum.

Your price is way too high btw.

You can get your suspension revalved and resprung without getting Gold Valves, that's what I'd do if it was my money.

I think that's a terrible price for a not-made-for-you solution.

You could send your forks and shock to RG3, MB1, Pro Circuit, Enzo, etc etc etc and get new springs and valving set up for you and the way you ride for a lot less than 1000 bucks all day long...

Whats better? Is it the new valves or the fact that you now have fresh, good quality oil and bushings in your forks? of coarse the new valves feel better, you also got a fork service at the same time. before you try new valves and pay big bucks, bring your forks to a suspension guy for just a service (new oil, seals and bushings if needed) all of this should cost just around$100. Have you ever felt the reservoir tank on the right side of your bike for your rear shock after a moto, especially a really choppy track?? it will be burning hot. cheap stock oil burns up quick and becomes useless. Also, check your sag and make sure you have a fresh front tire on, presto! sweet front end!!

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