XR650L chain question... (off road remote rides)

Hi all,

Thanks for the help over the years!

I really like remote rides...way out in the mountains of northern california on the logging and forest roads. I get a little nervous out there because if something were to break on my bike, it would be quite a production getting my bike out of there. Ideally I would have a backpack (or bag attached to the bike) that holds enough tools and spare parts to cover a reasonable breakdown.

One area of concern is the chain. I know, some of you are wanting to respond and say "dude it's a Honda, they never break!"...which is great, I hope that's the case...but I'm a little more interested in being prepared in the unlikely case that, say, my chain breaks at 6000' elevation 130 miles north of Tahoe. So, the chain. Let's say that thing breaks out there somewhere. Is there a way to remove a link and scoot the wheel towards the front of the bike to make up for the shortened chain? At least rig it together enough to get back to basecamp?

I'm curious to hear what people bring with them on these types of rides...universal tools or kits, spare chain or link, spare levers or shifters, or...?


Murphy's Law: if you carried every single possible spare part to fit your bike, it will be hit by lightning, or you will be eaten by a bear ... it's true, the XR650L may be the most dependable bike made ... anything can break, but your chain is not a 'weak spot' ... I always carry a spare sparkplug, a master link, baling wire, electrical tape, and some duct tape ... have never opened my toolkit for any reason, except to work on someone's 'other brands' bikes .... :ride:

You could carry a couple of links and two master links and a chain breaker. But like Roadcam said I have never had a breakdown in over 19,000 miles.

I have heard Regina chains are prone to having almost every link self-destruct at once- this was happening on a few KTMs from the factory. Only a whole new chain will save you there...

I carry a spare front sprocket (13s let go with little warning, all the teeth can come off real quick if you let it get worn), about 6 inches of chain, chain breaker, chain press, and for grins I have a few spare master links, usually one new one in the bag, and a second one with the holes relieved slightly so I can put it on without the press.

This is in addition to the 15-minute JBweld, the tie straps, and the tools.


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