1.85 rear rim on my WR 450?? Use it for street or dirt??

I got a good deal on a rim for my WR 450. It is the skinny rim 1.85 compared to stock 2.25? I think it is. I am goiong to use one for a on-off road tread for street and the other for trail riding mostly in sandy dirt. Can I use like a 120-100-19 on the skinny rim for a lighter set up for dirt?? the 1.85 has a starcross tire and is 19 inch rim.


Anybody know?????????????

I have a ten paddle mounted on a 1.85 rim with no problems. But then again, it is only a 110-90-19, not a 120. That may be a bit fat for the rim, but I'm no expert...

Dont buy it. It wont support the tire for cornering and you may get stability issues at higher speeds. Get a standard size or a 2.5" I run wider than stock with my talon hubbed spare wheels. :ride:

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