home-made protective shifter plate ... photo

I crash a lot (hard, and often) ... while changing my countershaft sprocket today, I see my left case is taking a pretty good beating from the shift lever ... for future protection, I snipped a piece of sheetmetal, and glued it onto the case with some silicone seal ... I didn't have any epoxy, etc., so when it falls off, I'll just make another ... I am hoping it will at least spread the blow over a larger area, and prevent a direct puncture ... only takes a minute, and its free ... free is good ... :ride:

photo here: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a368/roadcam/protectiveplate.jpg

looks good man, I like when dirtbikes fix there own bikes, my personal feeling is if you cant fix it dont ride it! but thats just me, I yelled at a buddy of mine that was takin his bike to the shop to have a back tire PUT ON!!! :ride: ...

That looks like it would spread the force pretty well if the shifter gets pushed agains the cover- an excellent mod.


Well i've been there,had to weld the case the first time and just epoxied it the next time.I made a plate too and believe me IT WORKS.just cut a circle of about 6" and open the center about 3" then cut it across 3"to 4" below the center. Be advised that youll have to bed/tweak it a little.I used a 1/8 thick ss plate,but anything is better than nothing. :ride:


good work

thanks ... I see you managed to attach my photo, (whoops, its gone now .. ???)... do you have to be a paid subscriber to post attachments ? ... I'm not allowed to ... :ride:

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