Pro Moto Billet vs remove sleeve

I ordered the Pro Moto Billet and thought it was going to be something more that what it is. Can't the same thing be accomplished by doing the FREE mod and just drilling the rivets and removing the stock reduction sleeve from the stock baffle end?


I don't exacly understand your question, all the PMB cap does is offer you a spark arrestor, or you can get the quite insert wich will cause some restriction. It almost sounds like you have a WR and want to get rid of the internal baffle to free up some HP. If this is right, then you didn't need the PMB cap.

Right now I have a '05 WR450 with a stock muffler. I read of improvements by either removing the stock sleeve (See 2005 Update see 2005 Update thread ) or getting a PMB insert.

I thought the conclusion was that just removing that baffle would work performance wise, but would be really loud, and as such you might want to consider a silent insert, that would pretty much give you the same performance gain, but would be quiter.

Now that I see the quite insert, it looks like just pulling the baffle would have the same effect, resulting in the same size exhaust exit. I can't see how it will be any quiter.

Just wondering if this PMB quite insert will truely be any quiter than just removing the baffle. Because if not, I can remove the baffle and save the $60 cost of the quite insert.

Ask the WR crowd, they'll have a better idea than us since the YZ has a different exhaust.

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