WR takin' a leak....

Okay, trusty blue is leaking fuel when she's not running (from the carb tube). I was assuming a stuck float. I thought I could just tap the carb to get it "unstuck". No such luck though. There is no fuel leaking when the bike is running, just after I shut it off and have it sitting. It takes about 20-30 seconds but then ....drip ,drip, drip......pretty heavily :ride: . I really don't want to pull the carb just to fix this, any advice? 2001 WR426

It is an easy fix. You just need a new float needle. You can probably do it without taking the carb off but I would recommend taking it off, cleaning it, repalcing the float needle and making sure your jets are clear too. If the needle is worn out a good inspection is in order.

Mine does that to. I have checked the float level checked and replaced the float needle it goes away for a while but always comes back never leaks while running. i never see wear on the needle tip when I have the carb apart. leaks most during period of none use the more I ride the less severe the leaking. I guess I don't have any great advise for you except turn the fuel off.

Don't want to pull the carb just to fix it, eh? Yeah, that would be a big job. You lazy blood clot.

Float needle for sure. Stop being lazy and just fix it. With as expensive as gas is nowadays you can't afford to let that stuff just spill on the ground! :ride:

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