XR650R Jetting with mods

I know i know this has been asked a 100 times....i'd search for the previous threads but the Forum Search Tool has been dectivated all freegin day....and i have a ride planned tomorrow. So here it goes...


Uni Filter

Air Box un snorkled but no holes in side pannel

FMF Hi Flow Header.....just came in the mail :ride:

White Bros E2 silencer with spark arrester screen insert

Baja Designs jet kit and needle settings...

I'm running a 172 main now and wondering if with the new header it's gonna want more??

I don't mind rejetting on the ride but would like to get it in the ball park before i take off.

I am not a jetting expert by any stretch of the imagination, but If you are asking, you might want to include expected altitude and temp for your ride. Mine is completely uncorked with airbox mods, etc. and I normally run a 168 main... Although I ride mostly above 5000 feet.

I mainly ride at sea level and want to jet it for Baja. I took it on a ride Saturday with a 175 main. The ride was at 3000 ft and the bike ran well. I pulled the plug last night and the porcelen was white....I'm running the 68s pilot with the fuel screw 1 1/2 turns out and the majority of the ride was less than half throttle which is telling me that my pilot is lean. Is anyone running a larger pilot than the 68s? The bike has a real big flat spot if i blip the throttle in neutral, if i put the choke on and blip the throttle it goes away....I'd like to try a 70 pilot and maybe a 180 main....but still want some good input.

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