Best place to buy parts

I'm looking to buy a front sprocket (15T) for my '05 WR450F. Can anyone recommend a good place (website) to get one.


'Winters comming way too fast'

sprocket specialist or the TT store

Those things are cheap, even at the local the good ones....

Countershaft sprockets for the WR are plentiful and cheap; as they are the same as the old TT/XT 500 Yamahas. The aftermarket steel stuff is fine JT, Sunstar and PBI are all good stuff. The stock Yamaha sprockets are good albeit more $$$ due to the groovy anti mudpack snuggie that they have bonded to the sprocket. I also recommend going to steel rear sprockets when the time comes especially if you ride in a lot of mud or sand....they just last longer.

Last stock sprocket I bought, WR-specific, was $3 less than aftermarket, before my 20% the local GOOD Yamaha dealer! :ride:

Thanks everyone for your input. :thumbsup:

Man how I love this website :ride:!!!!

Those things are cheap, even at the local the good ones....

Yup, unfortunately they are few and far between. I'm lucky to have a couple of good ones within 20 miles incase I need an emergency part.

Ive said it before and many agree. Buy from the TT store, your local dealer or Rockymountain atv. Stay away from Chapparel, usually everything is okay with them but god forbid the item is out of stock or something does wrong, they will give you an expected date of arrival and they really have no clue when its really going to come in. They will drag you along for weeks and they have gotten so big that they simply dont care about you anymore and will treat you like @$#@, the customer service is absolutly horrible. I have had the same issue with the TT Store and rockymountain and they both treat you great and will solve the problem right away with great customer service. Its a piece of mind thing knowing that if there is an issue, there are still a few companies that care and will treat you like you expect to be treated. So in short, this post is more of a buyer beware of who NOT to buy from..............

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