Special tips for breaking in new boots

Hello all..

Once again it seems I am asking for advice / suggestions.

I just bought a new pair of Alpinstar Tech 6's and would like to know if there is some special 'sauce' to put on them while breaking them in. Any tips on the break in? Not sure my wife will let me in bed with them, but the couch won't mind :-)

Thanks again...



I have always used a trick Ricky Johnson used a few years back. Whenever I get a new pair of boots, I spray the outside of them with WD-40 as soon as I get home. I let it soak in (a few hours) and then spray them again and let them sit over night. I'll try them on and see how they feel, walk around for a while and then decide if I need to spray them one last time. This will soften up the leather just enough to make them fairly comfortable (no new boot is comfortable!!) but not soak into the leather so much that there is no support. Usually by the end of the first ride they feel as good as my piggy slippers!!


Thanks for the reply. It has raised a question..

Will the WD-40 cause any dis-coloration? They look so good now (of course they are white) and I would like to keep them looking as good as I can.

Thanks again,



I've had a couple of pairs of white boots over the years and the boots I have now (and for the last two years) are a nice bright blue. Never had a discoloring problem. You will need to wipe them down before the first ride just to get any excess residue off of them.


I have some Tech 6's. They break in pretty fast, maybe one or two good rides depending on how wet or sweaty the ride is! :) I did warm them in the oven and put Sno Seal on the leather and around the stitching when they were new.

Well.........did they get broken in???!!!


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