650L replacement perches? brake + clutch?

Hey guys - looked all over and had some people recommend sunline and ASV, but nobody gave me the specifics.

anyone have new perches on their 650L? I am going to upgrade to Protaper bar if that makes a diff please let me know.

thanks guys!


I was looking for some shorty levers for my L a while back. (still am if anyone knows of any available) I had no luck finding any.

ASV makes some nice stuff, after looking at it, and finding no short levers available for the L, I considered just replacing perches to get shorter lever option availability.

Keep in mind though, in doing so you will lose the bar mounted choke (if you care about it) and have to replace the front brake reservoir as it is integral to the brake perch. If you do replace the brake perch, you will lose the front brake light switch, and therefore technically make the bike no longer road legal (if you care about that) I figured I could get a clutch perch with a hot start lever, and adapt the hot start lever to function as the bar mounted choke lever, would likely just need a custom cable. I could come up with some way to make the brakelight switch work.

After i figured all that up, it was WAY to much $$$ for a simple desire for short levers. :thumbsup: (but would be very unique)

If you find a viable option, i would be very interested in whatever you come up with.


It doesnt appear to have the tab on it to activate the brake light switch, but i suppose i could always put a banjo pressure switch on there to keep the front brake light. :thumbsup:

edit I looked through the TT store copy of the Parts Unlimited catalog. Power levers are not listed in it for any year 650L. See upper left of page 589 in the offroad catalog here I do not know if this eBay guy has some info we dont, maybe Bryan will spot this one and can answer it?

Well, I just tried the ASV CLM03 lever w/perch and it was a no go for the 'L', there was an interference with the switch gear....as well as eliminating the mirror mount and switch connection for the clutch. My choke was eliminated because I have switched carb's to the Edlebrock pumper so that was not an issue. The problem I had with the brake side was a replacement shorty lever did not have a provision for the brake switch....


well damn!

I was saving up to get those. thanks for letting me know they dont fit.

I have the safeties bypassed, so the clutch switch isnt an issue for me, but i didnt think about that big honkin switch sitting there. :thumbsup:

The loss of the brake switch; i figured on converting over to one of the pressure banjo switches anyhow so i didnt mind that.

i guess i keep looking.

wOULd the XR600 CLUTCH lever work???? on an L??

wOULd the XR600 CLUTCH lever work???? on an L??

According to the part numbers the clutch lever on the 650L is the same as the one on the XR600. The XR500 from 80-84 also has the same part number, as does the 83-85 XR350R etc. there are alot of matches but i cant find a good answer for the brake side, clutch is the easy one.

I've got a GSX-R brake so I've got no replacement options there, other than cutting it down.

Next time I need to order parts I'll get a spare XR600 clutch lever.

I have the protaper 1 1/8" bars only modification was to either drill a hole on each side of bars for the locator pins in the switches (which I did not do) or to file the locator pins off the switches (did that) had no problem mounting all the stock stuff back on.

As for levers use the asv's tig weld a tab on the brake lever for the brake light switch. just keep the stock perches.

I ran into the same problem when mounting a new set of bars and acerbis handguards on my '05L.I just filed the locator pins and cut a 1'' section from the center of the levers and welded it back,did some grinding and filing,painted it black.These levers are made of aluminum so they weld prety good.Up to now they seem to hold up well since I've had to grab a handfull of brakes a few times.

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