03 yzf 450

having some very strange tranny problems has this been a problem with these bikes works fine untill i hit fourth gear then it kick in and out all shift forks look fine and clutch is great

Have you checked your plates? Could be warped or worn.

What part of Utah? Your screen name sounds a little familiar.

If it kicks in and out of gear, you have worn 3rd and 4th pinion gears. It is the locking lugs on these two that engage 4th, and they have lost their undercut. Replace the fork as well, since the force of bouncing out of engagement will have bent it.

replaced all gears and shift forks and still is doing it

Now there's a man you can trust! Welcome to TT prisbrey.

yea plates are fine im from cedar city

where you from

Heber City. About 3 hrs north. My bro lives in Cedar though. Welcome to TT.

who is you bro

replaced all gears and shift forks and still is doing it
Then are you certain that it's actually kicking in and out of gear, and not simply misfiring?

yes its not mis-firing motor runs awsome , i took it to the best mechanic around he thought he fixed it he said everything looks fine took it out and rode it after tearing it completly apart and it still did it so he did a bunch of rev limiter clutch dumps untill forth hardly worked he said he can see wear on the gears now but has no idea whats causing it

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