tankslapper at high speed

Well it finally happened.Last week at the very last day of my vacations I was running some errands and returning home on a highway when suddenly my bike started to wobble till it got worse and I ended being thrown off the bike This was not new,since the bike did a little wobble now and then but I always managed to control it by getting far back on the seat.But this time it caught me by surprise.Worst yet I wasn't wearing any protection (not that i don't have some,I've got a few riding jackets,pants and gloves)I just got my palms,knees and elbow scrapped and a few more days of from work.The bike suffered a broken brake lever,bent foot peg and the rear panels were spared some serious abuse from the teflon strips that I've installed (been there before).The cause of this :ride: as far as I've figured out started after I lowered the bike(two full inches in the triple clamps and almost all the thread in the rear shock)being that I'm only 5'7".Also the front tire looks a little warped cause it doesn't run straight(I mean it runs up and down relatively to the rim)maybe I should have it balanced if it's possible.So if anybody has been thru this and have some possible causes/fixes to this problem let us know.Also I would like to know wich handlebar/hand guards are a better fit for the L model as well as a steering stabilizer.THANKS

Sorry to hear about your accident. Those tank slappers are scary, no doubt. Sounds like you may have went to much in the triple tree lower. You have shorted the wheel base some which would affect the handle some what. Glad to hear that you are doing OK thats the main thing. Take care and God bless. :ride::ride:

Way to much in the tripples for a 21", and you might have left the crowns loose, low air in one or both tires or worn tires.Bent frame? try a tire alignment. Backing off the spring preload in the rear to nothing will only help to make the high speed shimmy worse, if anything you should have cranked in more preload. If you are trying to lower it, use a lower link, and if you are going to be on the street a lot try a real good dual sport tire, I put Avon Gripsters on mine and, with everything tight and straight with correct drop on the rear, have had it to 90mph with no shimmy, but you can induce one if you try. If you intend to do street only, try the SM 17's, I can do well over 100 and its stable as a rocket on rails, if everything is in good condition you dont need a stabilizer unless you are doing high speed off road, then everything helps. Sorry about your crash, it happens.

Very well said :It does happens,thankfully this time there were no cars behind me.As for the bike settings thats what can happen when you try to lower your bike more that it canbe safely done by conventional means.Anyways I hope that this may save someone from doing the same mistake as I did.I'm going to take the bike up to factory height and if I decide to lower it again I'll use the lowering link and shorten the fork travel but be aware of the rake angle and trail something that I've should have done a long ago.

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