Need SM wheels rotor for xr659r

Hello All,

I'm looking for wheels and rotor. Of course if the price is right I'd take other parts...

I'm not ready to pay new prices but I'm not going to be cheap either, just reasonable.

Thank you in advance


I have been 'considering' selling my SM kit, I don't really want to sell, but if the price is right...

I have 17" Black Excels and gold Talons, professionally built, ~1200miles on them. Some parts of the yellow "Excel" writing has rubbed off, and there is a small bit of corrosion on a few of the spoke nipples. Otherwise, the wheels look perfect, and the rims are not bent/dinged in any way. Bearings, seals, and spacers for XR650R are included and they are perfect, direct bolt on fit. Rear is 3.5", front is 3". Tires are Pirelli Dragon Evo sport bike tires, 150/60-17" and 120/70-17" some wear showing on the rear, but plenty of life left.

Other goodies;

Motomaster 320mm wave rotor, caliper relocation bracket. Perfect, maybe 100 miles on the rotor. Direct bolt on with your stock caliper and master cylinder.

One black, and one red Acerbis SM universal front fender. The black one is drilled and ready to mount, nearly perfect condition, the red one is brand new in the bag, not drilled.

A 15T and 16T front sprocket and 46 and 44 rear sprocket. The 15/46 combo has some wear, but is usable, good for around town and crazy acceleration, roughly equivalent to the stock 14/48 gearing with dirt wheels, but with the 17's, top speed ~90+mph. The 16/44 combo has little wear, and plenty of life left, gears the bike up to ~115mph. You will use 4th gear up to ~60mph, and 5th gear is like warp speed overdrive. Both combos will work with your stock 110 link chain, though the 16/44 combo will put the wheel way back in the swingarm. Common 650R SM gearing is 15/39-15/42, the 16/44 combo is roughly equal to 15/41, BUT you can use the stock chain, where the 15/41 combo requires shortening your chain.

I have custom made 16T case saver (nobody makes these), modeled after the XR's Only 15T case saver. It has the extra mounting hole that mounts into your rear motor/frame mount, making it MUCH more heavy duty than other case savers. However, I will be keeping the threaded spacer that is used to mount to this mount and use on my current 15T setup. I recommend buying the XR's Only 15T case saver, then you can use the threaded spacer with your 16T or 15T case saver. You can still bolt the 16T case saver on with the 2 small bolts like stock, but you won't have the benefit of the heavy duty additional frame mount unless you have the threaded spacer.

Shipping will be expensive, and I don't know anything of what is involved in shipping to Canada. Make an offer.

Did you guys work out a deal?

Did you guys work out a deal?

4 years ago they probably did :smirk:

Did you guys work out a deal?

You can`t be serious..:smirk:


thanks I needed the laugh:bonk:

I often times dont look at the dates....

Don't worry, if you don't look at how recent the post was you get made fun of for reviving a dinosaur. If you do look at the date and post a new thread people tell you to use the search button. I have stuff I never sold that I probably posted years ago. Either way... :smirk:

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