06 WR450 Suspension defect

Was tightening the rear wheel nut after adjusting chain and noticed play in the suspension linkages. the bike has only done 60km!

It seems as tho' the thread on the bolt that goes thru the 'wishbone' isn't deep enough and what is happening is that the washer pulls tight on the bolt when the nut is done up and is not allowing the wishbone to 'squeeze' together. What this means is that the bolt is able to revolve in the wishbone rather than the bearing doing the work, i.e. the wishbone should be clamping tight against the bearing IMO. Hope you can understand what I'm saying.

Anyway, it's too late to see the bike shop but in my mind, it is a warranty issue and it may pay for others to check theirs. I say warranty because there appears to be excessive clearance now even if I was to put on a washer with a larger internal diameter.

The easiest way to check is to put a socket on the nut and see if it freely turns the whole bolt without undoing.

Let you know how I get on but I haven't had a lot of luck with shops in the past.

Wayne :ride:

Well, that don't sound good, however I Don't beleive there is ANY warranty on these bikes, that is what my dealer told me as it is listed under a competition bike, and competition bikes have 0 warranty.

you do have a short warranty period. read your manual, it's there. if there is a defect that is a factory issue, yamaha has a good history of taking care of it (don't get the '03 flywheel key thing going again, i was there), but it is up to your dealer to fight the fight. some have good relationships with the area service guys others don't seem to give a d**n.

Yes, there is a three month warranty provided it is not used in competition.

Warranties usually exclude wearing parts such as bearings but this in my mind is a manufacturing defect.

Thanx for your input :ride:


what page in the manual is this in? I have not seen it in mine, and I have read it from Cover to Cover.....

for US models, it's on the second page.

never tell a dealer you used your bike in competition. you don't have to lie, just don't offer the info from the start. i agree though, that your problem has nothing to do with normal wear. my comments about yamaha taking care of problems was in reference to issues above and beyond the warranty.

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