"Vapor" vs. "Endurance"

Anyone got any info on whether the "Vapor" is worth the extra $$$$ or even if it'll work on an '02 WR426 (does the "Vapor" need an external battery source to work properly???) I've got a chance to get an "Endurance" for around $65 and the "Vapor" runs around $99. :ride:

Thanks Jamie

I've had my Vapor installed for a few weeks now and I would have paid at least $200 for it but it only cost $99. Thought I would use the tach more (I don't) but the water temp and the great backlighting for night riding is sweet.

What year of WR do you have it on??

I'll Prolly go with the Vapor... I just have to be sure it'll work on a bike with no external battery source.



yes, it will work with no battery, mine is on my '01 WR426. It says that the backlight will only illuminate for 3 seconds after pushing a button on bikes w/o 12 volt batteries but mine stays illuminated constantly and looks really trick at night. You won't regret it for $99.

the option to use the 12 volt power source is just an option, it still has an internal battery. It will fit really any bike, call trail tech and when you order, they ask what bike so the wiring is set up for what you need. After seeing my buddys vapor in action, My vapor is on the way and im getting rid of the endurance. Pay the extra bit its worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Guys... I'll be putting in my order for the Vapor before the end of the week... :thumbsup::ride:

can the vapor be used as a lap timer. The lynx can and I mainly want the lap timer on my 05 kxf 250.

I don't know how your lynx works, but the vapor does have a stopwatch feature. You will have to reset it each time you make a lap I think, but this could be a pain. Hope this helps.


resetting a lap timer is just as much a pain as resetting a timer!!!

can i still use the wiring to the front brake from the endurance? or do i have to use the new one?

also how accurate is the rpm and water temp?

If either one are within 5 degees or 300 rpm, which im sure they are, thats great for me. Its better than anything else out right now for this info. Just my thaughts...

actually the manual says the tolerence I beleive but im not sure dont hold me to it. As for the front wiring, it seems to have the same exact style to it from the endurance but its a one piece unit so replacing the old with the new is needed however, same mounting drilled hole, same style mounted piece, etc. Because i had the endurance, no new mounting system is required, the new line fits exactly right where the old one went, i did replace the magnetic pick up but didnt have to. Long story short, if you have the endurance, the front wheel part of the vapors installation, along with the entire install will be a complete breeze!!!!!! Nothing tricky about it, I love this thing.




Linky no workey??

also how accurate is the rpm and water temp?

The rpms match well to what I calculated with a gear chart.

The water temp also seems accurate. When my bike was blasting steam, it read 267F. On the highway, it read 140F, which told me I needed to block off part of the radiator for street use. It responds quickly to coolant temp changes. Not suprising since the sensor is immersed in the coolant flow that exits the motor going to the radiator.

cool. looks like i have to order one. thanks

no prob :thumbsup:

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