03 450 forks on a 00 426...

Can it be done. I've heard of a 426 to 450 conversion in regards to the front forks and was wondering what all that took. I need to replace my front fork tubes and can only find a bunch of 450 forks around. I can't afford brand new, so if I can get the used 450's and convert, that may be benefitial. Thanks in advance!

ill take a look on my microsfiche and see what needed to be done, but from what i can remember you would have to change the upper and lower triples, ill have to see if the bearings and races will line up. I ll check when i get to the shop today.

Cool. Thanks.

I'm pretty sure that the '03 forks bolt right up with out any mods. Both are 46mm, and all of the clamps for the yz's say they fit through '03.

Are you sure? I thought the went up to 48mm w/ the 450's? The upper tube is different part numbers in the OEM search.

Funny thing, the 03 125 and the 00 426 are the same part # though? That doesn't seem quite right to me though. Aren't 125's a lot shorter bikes? I've never personally been on one (obviously), but it seems it would be set-up a lot differently since the bike is lighter and smaller.

Ok here is what I found, the part #s for the 00-426




5HC-23435-11-00 (replaces 5HC-23435-10-00)


now for the 03 450






now i know it only looks like part #s, but you have to realize that if the part #s are different, then that means something has changed. Now I could say that if the entire triple and forks were used with the proper race and bearings, I would say it is a definate yes it could work.

if your going to pull the forks off of a 03 and slide them into the triple of the 00, you might have issues. (not confirmed, i have not tried it, nor do i know anyone who has)

Ill ask one of my Tecs on wednesday when I get back to work, and see what they say.

They went to 48mm's in '04. Look at this thread

Look at the aftermarket upper and lower triple clamps. Most companies show the same upper and lower clamp fitting anythign from 98-03. This includes the YZF's and the YZ's. The factory would give the part a new number if the color changed. The upper tube diameter was sligtly different in 97.

They went to 48mm's in '04. Look at this thread

Ah. Thanks buddy. That thread helps in a lot more than the original question as well. :thumbsup:

Are lengths different from the 125's to the 450's? Reason I ask is that a fellow in the next town over is selling parts off his son's 03 125. I might could get a good set of replacements. His son is about my weight and they had it all revalved and such for him.

He might be your weight, but his bike is 40-50 pounds lighter, so the springs would be wrong. The valving might work if re-sprung, but you don't know. I'm not certain as to length.

However, the '03 450, or any earlier model fork, back to 2000 at least, should slide into your clamps.

That's what I was worried about. Thanks gray!

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