Any reason NOT to buy and damn near stock/newish 03 WR450?

I posted in the GENERAL forum concerning the possibility of bike to get, one of which is an 03 WR450. Any mechanical reasons NOT to get one? My plan is to tag it to ride around town and trail it on the weekends.




Think about how much low speed riding and seating at stop lights, you'll be doing . Watch out for over heating and change the oil on a regular basis. Also have fun on the trails.

The woodruff key issue is resolved by upgrading the 03 starter mechanism with 04 parts. That and the free mods are the only work that absolutely should be done in my opinion. A search of this forum will provide details for these items.

I've been very happy with my 03! Fun to ride. Runs great. Low maintenance. :ride:

If you're asking about used vs. new I can share from my experience. I was looking at getting a new WR450 but since I'm moving to a house on the beach in Mexico I decided to look for a used one since the salt will shorten the life of it anyway. I found a barely used 2004 with less than 400 miles on it in perfect condition and safed a ton on it vs new. It was a great buy on my part. I did all of the free mods and now I couldn't want any other bike. I'd say go for the used if it's in good shape. These bikes are so sweet!

we all say it over and over, use the search feature. i don't mean to be a jerk about it but you will learn so much if you use it. do searches on the '03 issues, road worthiness, all that. i have to ask though, how much road time are you planning? the wr is an off road bike. there are better choices if your looking at 80% or so road time.

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