WR426 VS. Raptor 660R........

AK.....one thing you want to think about with banshee's......yea.....they can go fast in a straight line......but can you turn it? I'll tell you what.....haveing owned a raptor...it can. I had my '01 raptor for a year and loved it. I beat the crap out of it. Thing held up finde. But. I did trade it in on my '01 YZ426. Never regret it. Top speed on the raptor is 76mph. This I know. My friend also has a stock raptor (he rode mine first and went out and bought one) and I raced him flat out on the road....not a drag race...just see who has the fastest top speed. No comparison......I spanked him. If I was to go back to 4 wheels. It would definitly be a raptor. If you wife is as good as you say it is.....she will have NO problem. just tell her to lean forward a bit.

I have a YZ426 and a Raptor and there is no comparason between the two. My wife has a 400ex and though not as fast the suspension and ergonmics are great for stock. I find the Raptor to be to short and not wide enough. The 400ex feels more comfortable and stable. Use the money you would save to make the cRaptor handle like the 400ex and do a 440 kit and other motor upgrades. I really do like my Raptor for the straights but for jumping and cornering I'll take the 400ex anyday. I know I probably just offended a few people but it's just an opinion just like everyone elses.

Originally posted by dhowell:

He is full of it!!! I have a '01 YZ426 and one of my buddies has the Raptor. We rode down to the dealer together and put them both on the trailer (a good sale for the dealer in January). Anyway, to make this short, the raptor can't beat the 426, period. My bike is still stock as far as engine and pipe and he has a slip-on (i forget which brand). The last time we raced in an open field I lined up two bikes ahead of him and let him hit it (he would always complain that he could not get a good start because it comes up so easy). I did not hit it until he went past me. Walked him down and passed him on top. Not that I am taking anything away from the Raptor, because it is a beast and a blast to ride. It hits strong and hard, it just can't beat the 426 on the track, open field or woods. I guess that is why my friend always wants to find some sand to ride in. hahahaha

I am sure he is going to love it when he sees this post.

lol Ronin, pretty funny shit, i was surprised to read your article and it was reguarding Drantell Sales in St. Peter MN, i used to live there and would go down there when i was younger, the sales guy's name is Lee, kind of a stocky mother****er, dumbest mother****er I've ever talked to about moto shit. I'd love to give him a kick to the head just for saying a Raptor goes 110 mph period. I have a 01 Raptolr 660, it tops out around 75 mph at 7300 rpms with my rev limiter. I have waxed my own Raptor on the highway with my 200 KX 250 no prob. I'll give that ******* Lee a call myself and just talk shit to him. Peace

I just happen to be a quad guy that started out on bikes...and is now seeing the light, and switching back to bikes.

That said...the raptor is a fun quad, but the handling SUCKS. My current quad is a blast, it's the new Honda TRX450R. I would say it is the closest you will ever get to a bike with four wheels. I would imagine the Yammi YZF450R is similar.

For your wife however, if you want to get her an all around FUN quad, that can do anything, but isn't necessarily the most powerfull, get her a Suzuki (or Kawasaki) Z400. They are the easyest quads to ride, the most user friendly powerband and suspension, and have the best frame geometry. I just wish they'd put a big-bore motor in one of them...

The only reason I'm going back to bikes is because of suspension. I live in the desert, and quads will kick your a$$ due to the side to side pounding. At the dunes however, they can't be beat!

If all your wife wants to do is drag race, get the rappy, put a +6 swingarm on it, and stroke the motor...but if she just wants to have a good time on four wheels, go with the Z or one of the racing quads from Honda or Yammi.

Oh yea, and that dealer is definately full of crap. In a drag race, a fully hopped up Raptor could probably kick a WR's butt, but in ANY other situation bikes have the advantage...And 101 mph... LOL! :cry: What a dork!

I see Marcusmoberg is working at a dealership now! :cry:

I see Marcusmoberg is working at a dealership now! :cry:

LOL! That's exactly what I thought when I read this thread!!

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