Which Gray Wire?

Search isn't working for me, so I will ask the over-used question..

Which gray wire? There is one in a bundle that is very light with a light yellow band in 2 places..There is a Dove gray wire with a black wire side by side, they both plug into a double plug..I'm fairly sure it's the dove gray. Will somebody please confirm,

Thanks in Advance

Ride is an 02WR426

I think you will have better luck using search if you type in grey wire not gray wire. I unhooked mine the other night in just a few minutes. No need to cut the wire use a small screwdriver to lift the plastic clip in the connector and gently pull the wire out as per Ron in SoCal. Then use silicon to fill the hole in the connector and tape the wire up so it can't hit anything else. Eric

Thanks Guy's

Job is complete, can't wait to try it. (put the litte woman to work, my fingers were too fat! What a woman!)

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