My XR650L is gone! (sigh).......

Sold the pig today, but I was kind of sad to see it go. Why did I sell it?

1. weight

2. weight

3. not ideal for technical trail work - but it would do it if pressed!

4. somewhat damage prone in rocky terrain -

1. LH case and flywheel replaced due to fall (in the driveway!) $650

2. LH fork slider dented on a rock - $530

3. LH rear turn signal $76

5. didn't like the gap to second gear

Now the good -

1. You could learn to manage the weight and height with some practice. I am not strong or tall (5'8", 150lbs, 57 years old, poor physical condition)

2. Strong for a dual sport on the highway - far better than my DRZ

3. rugged and easy to maintain - a Honda!

4. comfortable seat

5. E start!

6. big soft lazy motor with bags of torque - tractor engine

So, life is always a compromise. This thing did the DV 250 the Cal Poly DS, the Big Bear, the desert and the mountain trails. At times it made me so tired I just couldn't pick it up, and my kid had to help me! It NEVER quit or left me stranded, and I pressed it way beyond what this kind of bike should be asked to do.

So I was sad to see it go, but I really wanted something lighter, but that will cost me far more!

go buy another 'L', or you'll just wind up hating yourself ... I'm another old geezer (54), and crashed it again yesterday ... getting hard to get the old girl up off the ground these days, but every time I put it up for sale, I change my mind an hour later ... (sorta like that fat girl in high school, she had her redeeming talents, too) :ride:

Ok first off, dont take this as a personal attack, by any means mmmkay


your cons were based on your ability mainly and not the bikes, as its a huge bike for a guy of your size and age.

I am 41, 6ft 205...been riding 30 years, and it can still be a handfull getting my L through the stuff I take it, but it can certainly handle anything I throw at it and a LOT MORE.

3 of the items you mentioned were from "you" dropping the bike, your bad not "Reds".

14/48 gearing closes the 1-2 gap and makes for much easier trail/hill riding..maybe even saving you from some of those crashes.

The stock turn signals are actually some of the most durable ever designed, yet they can be bashed beyond repair, sure. But Ebay has them very cheap on a steady basis.

Not sure if you had a good skid plate or not, but they sure help in the rocks...

And the weight issue cant be overcome, but can be greatly helped by doing most mods. These bikes are beasts, and too much fun too ride,period. It may be tougher to get through the same stuff as your friend on his CRF 450f, or what have ya, but you feel that much better knowing you did it slinging your extra weight and torque right through the heart of it !!! All the while carrying your street plate and signals horn, mirror etc..beep beep. And you gotta love the magic button when your friends are tired from kicking all day..ha ha

Like I stated to begin, this is simply a retort. I am defending the "BEST BIKE IN THE WORLD" !!!

I am also an old dude (41), whos carrying about 20-30 lbs of fat (my spare tire)...and the L takes a LOT of skill, strength and a bit of luck to go through the rough hills and trails, but it can and will conquer anything you have the balls to point it at.

I have ridden 8-12 hours straight and been sore for days from riding my BRP and man-handling the beast, but those days were full of visions of the fun and accomplishments of my bike and myself.


I am sure you will miss your baby... :ride:

Ha ha ha

you put that really well, Justicedone ... :ride:

All well said - nothing really wrong with the pig, more the limitations of the rider. By the way, I did have a skid plate and 14-48 gearing - among the first things I did.

The skid plate kept the frame tubes from getting bashed in ( I got one after a couple a rock hits in Echo Canyon in DV put dents in the tubes!) but there isn't much protection available for the side covers. That said, I never holed them on a trail, only in the driveway when the shifter punched a nice 2" hole in the alternator cover! So carry some JB weld and you'll be ok....

Also those nice Showa forks hang down below the axle pretty far so they take some rock hits. Of course with inverted forks the chrome surface of the lower leg also takes rock hits, which is probably harder to fix but slightly less expensive to replace.

Still, for an old guy it wans't a bad choice of a bike. Hey, it's a Honda! At least the dealers usually offer good deals close to year end, so if I want another it shoudln't be too hard.......

Thinking of going Orange, or god forbid, Husky............

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