newbie question: buzz when coasting?

i recently removed and re-mounted my wheels on my XR-R and had the tires replaced in between. i'm not mechanically inclined so it's a minor accomplishment for me.

in any case, riding the bike afterwards i noticed it makes a buzzing noise from somewhere in the front half of the bike when coasting with the clutch in, kind of a "zzzzzzzz" sound. the bike has a mechanical odometer/speedometer.

i usually wear earplugs, so maybe it did this beforehand and i never noticed.

is this sound normal?

When you hear the sound pull the front brake slowly and see if it changes, if not disconnect the odometer cable at the wheel, (cable may need greased) if its still there maybe the speedo drive ears aren't in the slots. I don't have any noise except drive chain (normal) and I coast home every night from a block away.

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