'03 YZ 450 street legal help!

My brother has an '03 YZ 450 and want's to make it street legal so he can run with my DRZ 440 on asphalt. What is the easiest/least expensive way to convert the stator and flywheel so that they will produce enough power to run all the electrics? I read some previous posts but got a bit confused. Throw me some info about the conversion. All help will be appriciated.

Depends on state regulations and how much he needs the headlight really. Let me try and find the state reg. document and I'll post it up for you.

Here ya go:

State Motorcycle Requirements

Good news. Your state doesn't require turn sigs. This makes it a lot easier. It look like you do however require a DRL which may be the biggest problem you face. How tight is the patrol on something like that? You may be able to get by with a simple battery set-up if your bro doesn't really need the headlight other than to pass inspection.

Something wrong with that link.

Ah...sorry 'bout that. Try it now.

Thanks for that info. I'd really like him to be able to run a decently bright bulb, we have lots of old people with big cars here in Oak Ridge. Are there any options with the stator, other than buying a $500 aftermarket stator? Could I have it re wound? Any chance of getting a WR stator to fit? He's not really worried about loosing too much power, so flywheel weight won't hurt too much. I'd ideally like him to be beyond the legal point. If I don't give the cops a visual reason to pull me over, I can pop as many wheelies as I want behind their backs!!! The YZ was a supermoto before he converted back to dirt, but He's almost 15 (getting his permit soon) and wants to rip up the streets with me, so ergo the street conversion. Bottom line, how can he get as much street legality bang for his buck?

Sorry but I don't believe there is any hope for using a WR stator. The 426's swap out w/ the flywheel as well, but the 450's aren't that simple.

Being rewound isn't much of a possibility on the YZ stators either because they are built so small to begin with.

There are cheaper aftermarket stators our there (~$200) that will do, but will face the same problem if brightness is a factor. I believe the most you can get out of a cheap one is ~50-75W at high idle. I've not heard of anyone being happy with them. But if you are interested, I have the personal email to one of the tech's at Electrex. PM me if you would like it. You may be able to do something like like just fine if you run LED's for everything.

Will the electrex stator provide enough wattage for a running light, LED tail light and LED turn signals?

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