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Sikk vs. Pitster

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I know all of you experienced pit bikers are probably all sick and tired of seeing thread topics like this one...but please bare with me for this thread. Im new to the pit bike scene...and ive done alittle research. Firstly, Ive decided to go with a Chinese made knock off pit bike. Im not looking to do major performance upgrades or race competitively...so a semi-race ready knock will do it for me.

I want to spend around $1500, and the two bikes im inbetween are:

1) SikkMX 125 Mini Motard Bike ($1299)

2) PITSTER PRO 125x ($1549)

I really like the Sikk because it comes with mini motard tires on it already. I realize I can always throw motard tires on the Pitster, but thats more money to spend and the Pitster is already more expensive than the Sikk.

I noticed the specs and stats on the motor and tranny are pretty much identical. The main difference I saw was that the Sikk has 10" front and rear wheels, while the Pitster has 12" front, 10" rear.

What do you all think?

Is there a better QUALITY bike out of these two?

I obviously want a bike that is going to give me the best value/quality for my money. Which should I go with?

Thanks for any input.


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Pitster is what you are mostly going to here....just wait till they throw some sort of deal on the forums and go for it

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Pitster is by far a better Bike then Sikk, call nate at Outlaw, he will set you up. You cant go wrong with a pitster.

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the pister looks real nice but what about the figures, it says on the website its 8bhp and does 45mph.

i have a 'junkstar' road legal straight out the box it does 60mph and is 8.sumthing bhp, are the figures for the pister with a restrictor in the exhaust or what? They look so good :thumbsup:

Displacement - 124cc

Type - 4 Stroke Single Cylinder

Cooling - Air-Cooled

Transmission - Manual 4 Speed w/ 5 Plate Clutch

Shifter - CNC Alloy

Drive Train - Chain w/ Oversized Alloy Chain Guide

Ignition - Kick Start/CDI

Carburetor -25 mm Mikuni

Compression Ratio - 9.6:1

Bore & Stroke - 52.4mm x 57mm

Valve Train - SOHC: Two Valve

Final Drive - #420 16T Front / 41 T

Maximum Speed - 45 MPH (106 KM/H)

Maximum Power - 8 HP @ 8500 RPM

Fuel - Unleaded

Fuel Capacity - 0.8 Gallons (3L)

Oil Tank Capacity - 0.25 Gallons (0.95L)

Protection - Aluminum Skid Plate

Oil Cooler - CNC Oil Cooler

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Maybe your Junkstar is geared for the street, but I would becareful, I hear the wheels fall off at 20mph on those things.

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