Grayracer, or other guru? Vapor install ?'s

Hey Guys,

Got my Trailtech Vapor this weekend and I have a few questions.

1. In the corrections it wants to know how many pulses per revolution on the coil. I am under the impression that it is firing on the intake and exhaust stroke, so this setting would be 1 pulse per rev right?

2. Would it be more usefull to know what the water temp is going into the engine or coming out of the engine. My first thought is water coming out gives a representation of actual engine temp.

3. And finally, it says that the computer can be wired into the high voltage of the stator on bikes without a battery. I am thinking that mine should be wired into the lighting circuit before the switch. Is there a better way? I am installing this on a 2002 WR426, and any suggestions will appreciated. Thanks,


Anyone out there?

1) 1 (if that's not clear enough, yes, you are correct, it fires once each revolution)

2) The answer, oddly, is 2. Actually, i mean your second choice; water out of the engine and into the radiator. It's kind of interesting to know both, but you hardly ever get to.

3) Here, the answer is not 3. The lighting coil is where I would connect it as well, unless there was more specific info in the instructions.

Don't crash while you're playing with your new gizmo. :thumbsup:

As usual, Thanks Gray. You are a lifesaver.

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