Will a YZF426 sub-frame fit WR426 sub-frame

Will the aluminum YZF sub frame fit the WR426?..Any draw-backs with the aluminum? other than saving weight I can't think of any..

I believe it will fit. Saves about a pound. Not sure if there's any reason to have it other than weight....OH, it looks cool too!!

They are the same I looked into getting one but for the money is was not worth it. I lost a couple of pounds myself and made up the difference....

The YZ and WR subframes will interchange - no problem. The Ti version saves about a pound over the YZ model and more than 2 lbs ove the WR. Looks cool too. They are a simple bolt-on.

I put one on my WR. The weight difference between the steel and aluminum was more than I would have thought. If you have a YZ muffler and the associated attachment hardware it bolts up fine. The YZ subframe doesn't have the tab to mount the catch bottle so you have to make something if you want to keep it. I did the muffler, subframe, and rear fender all at the same time and the weight difference was noticeable. The biggest surprise was the weight of the tail light assembly. Should be able to get a used subframe for $100-120. I bought mine off of ebay for $100.

Thank's Alaska.

Now if I can just find one!

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